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Today's Branden Albert rumor is that the Chiefs won't re-sign him in free agency

In today's edition of Branden Albert free agency rumors, we have someone who passes along word that the Kansas City Chiefs will not re-sign their left tackle.


It seems like the NFL free agency rumors start earlier and earlier every year. This year is no different with most of the attention centered on Branden Albert, the key to the Kansas City Chiefs in both free agency and the 2013 NFL Draft.

In his latest 2013 NFL mock draft -- which has the Chiefs taking Luke Joeckel, by the way -- Russ Lande of National Football Post writes:

While the Chiefs have a desperate need for a quarterback, they have let it be known that they will not be re-signing left tackle Branden Albert due to rumored back issues.

Hmm. Well that's interesting. No one bothered to let this be known to me. If this were truly the BIG BREAKING NEWS it should be then I would guess it wouldn't be placed as a blurb in one NFP's mock drafts. In other words, we'll see. We have a long way to go.

We can mark the "Chiefs won't re-sign Albert because of his back" off our NFL rumors Bingo card. Other headlines we're still waiting on:

  • Branden Albert secretly negotiating contract with another team
  • Branden Albert is the Chiefs No. 1 priority in free agency
  • Luke Joeckel is too good so the Chiefs will let Albert walk
  • Chiefs want to put Branden Albert at guard

Watch BJ Kissel's take on Albert's future here:

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