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Poll: Would you give up 2 first round picks for Joe Flacco?

The chances of it happening are very slim but it's February and what we talk about in February is hypothetical trade scenarios. So, would you give up two first round picks for the rights to Joe Flacco?


I would be completely and utterly stunned if the Baltimore Ravens allowed Joe Flacco to leave but there's the slim possibility that it could happen. Flacco is set to be a free agent but the Ravens, if they can't work out a longterm deal with him, will place the franchise tag on him.

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There are two kinds of franchise tags: 1.) non-exclusive and 2.) exclusive. The non-exclusive tag, which is what most players get, means another team can offer Flacco a contract and if the Ravens decline to match it the other team can give up two first round picks and acquire Flacco. The exclusive franchise tag means the player can't negotiate with other teams.

The Ravens could place the non-exclusive tag on Flacco. The difference between the two is over $5 million in salary and the salary cap-strapped Ravens may be in a position where they have to take the lower-cost, higher-risk option of the non-exclusive tag.

Enter the hypothetical trade. '

The Chiefs, let's say, offer Flacco a contract. It'd probably have to be a big one with lots of money up front.

Would you give up the two first round picks it costs to acquire him?

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