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2013 NFL mock draft: Star Lotulelei is the latest DT with the Kansas City Chiefs

The 2013 NFL mock draft from Mel Kiper sent offensive tackle Luke Joeckel to the Kansas City Chiefs with the No. 1 overall pick. His colleague Todd McShay switches things up and sends a defensive lineman to the Chiefs with the top pick. And, no, that defensive lineman did not go to LSU.


2013 NFL mock drafts continue to be churned out with the latest one (by latest I mean it came out last week) changing things up slightly. Todd McShay sends Utah DT Star Lotulelei to KC with the top pick. Not a surprise pick by any means because Lotulelei is one of the top talents in the draft but still not one that you see as often as Geno Smith or Joeckel.

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McShay's line of thinking with this mock goes like this:

Are the Chiefs in love with a quarterback at No. 1? No.

Is Branden Albert coming back? Yes.

Then Star Lotulelei is the pick.

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That's the general line of thinking for McShay and, unfortunately for those of us who don't like the idea of yet another defensive lineman, it's a logical pick.

The Chiefs defensive lineman is a collection of first round picks. Glenn Dorsey was picked No. 5 overall, Tyson Jackson No. 3 overall and Dontari Poe No. 11 overall. The Chiefs face the very real possibility that out of that group only Poe will return. Dorsey is a free agent and likely gone. Jackson is due an outrageous amount of money and could be gone if they don't restructure. Poe is safe.

That, my friends, is how defensive tackle becomes a need just a year after having a bevy of first round picks on the line.

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