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Tamba Hali tweeted about Matt Cassel; most Chiefs fans won't like it

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali took to Twitter to talk about his boy Matt Cassel. What is Tamba trying to say here? It sounds like he wants the Chiefs to keep Matt Cassel but the vast majority of folks believe that will not happen.

Jamie Squire

I love Tamba but this is silly.

The difference between Trent Green and Matt Cassel is that Green consistently got better. Cassel hasn't. In fact, Cassel has declined for three consecutive seasons. You currently have a quarterback who hasn't completed over 60 percent of his passes in five years and people wonder what you'll do with that No. 1 pick in the draft. To say that Cassel hasn't had a fair chance is insane. He was an unquestioned / unchallenged starter for three years. Where else has that happened in the NFL with the kind of record the Chiefs have had in that span? Maybe the Jets (but they won a lot)? Anyone else? It's rare. I don't know how much more of a chance you can get.

We all agree that Cassel is a model citizen. Just because I don't think he completes enough passes doesn't mean we can't recognize that he's a fine young man.

What prompted all this?

Here are how others are reacting to Tamba's tweets:

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