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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs news 2/10

Good morning! I forgot I was covering for NJ Chiefs Fan today so this is your very late edition of Arrowheadlines. Enjoy today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Also, since it's slow, I put in a good story about the left tackle position in there even though it's a few months old and another cool non-Chiefs story.

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Kansas City Star : Meet the richest area native you’ve probably never heard of
"He definitely was a very quiet guy and well respected," Ying said. "Everybody knew he was very smart, but he never carried a lot of ego with it. He definitely had this reputation as being one of the nicest guys you could meet." In other words, normal. His group of friends was small and tight. They went to the Great Mall of the Great Plains to dance on the arcade’s Dance Dance Revolution machine. (Dropbox has one in its offices. The song "Bumble Bee" is a Ferdowsi favorite.) He is a huge — and frustrated — Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Fans Can Vote for KC Wolf to Win Cartoon Network Hall of Game Award
Kansas City Chiefs mascot KC Wolf has been nominated for the Most Awesome Mascot Award as part of the Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards, to be aired on Monday, Feb. 11 at 6 p.m. CT on the Cartoon Network. Chiefs fans are encouraged to vote for KC Wolf to win the Most Awesome Mascot Award by visiting KC Wolf is vying for the title of Most Awesome Mascot Award against Louie (St. Louis Blues), Lou Seal (San Francisco Giants), and Rocky (Denver Nuggets). Fans can continue voting for KC Wolf until 11 a.m. CT Saturday, Feb. 9.

Investing heavily in a Left Tackle is a luxury bad teams can not afford
As we hit the halfway mark of the season, some teams are already thinking about next year, and in particular, the 2013 draft. If I was in charge of a bad team, and specifically, a bad passing team, I would try to avoid spending a lot of money or a high first round pick on a left tackle. This philosophy is more guideline than rule — if there is a can’t miss prospect there and/or you are underwhelmed with the other top prospects, then draft the tackle — but spending a high pick on an offensive lineman would be my move of last resort.

Kelly's Eagles staff includes Sports Science Coordinator
Shaun Huls will serve as the Eagles' "Sports Science Coordinator" – a job separate from strength and conditioning. Huls, according to the Eagles, previously was the strength, conditioning and "combatives" coordinator for Navy Special Warfare. RECOVERING: Trent Cole has hand surgery In other words, Huls joins the Eagles after training Navy SEALs.

Who speaks Spanish?

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