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AFC playoff picture: Here's how Chiefs can clinch in Week 15

The Kansas City Chiefs just missed out on clinching a playoff spot in Week 14. Here's how they can clinch a spot in Week 15.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers lateral miracle did not result in a touchdown and the Dolphins won while the Ravens came back to beat the Vikings with four seconds left. Those two games meant the Chiefs, who beat the Redskins on Sunday, did not clinch a playoff spot in Week 14.

But the Chiefs clinching scenarios for Week 15 are basically the same as they were last week. The Chiefs can clinch in one of three ways:

1. Chiefs beat Raiders

2. Ravens lose to Lions

3. Dolphins lose to Patriots

Only one of these things has to happen. So if the Chiefs lose but the Ravens do too, then the Chiefs are in. KC is already at 10 wins and the Ravens and Dolphins are the only two Wild Card teams who have a shot at 10 wins since they each only have six losses at this point. Basically, the Chiefs hold a three-game lead on a Wild Card spot with three games to play.

The Broncos hold a one-game lead and the tiebreaker in the AFC West. That means it would be very difficult for the Chiefs to win the division. They would need to win out while the Broncos would need to lose two against the Chargers, Texans or Raiders.

If things play out the way many think they will, the Chiefs are going to get the No. 5 seed in the playoffs, which means they would face the No. 4 seed, a division winner. That's looking like it could be the Colts in the fourth seed. The Bengals are also in play for that spot.

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