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NFL playoff picture: KC Chiefs do not clinch playoff spot in Week 14

The KC Chiefs did not clinch a playoff spot in Week 14. They can do so in Week 15 vs. Oakland.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs did their part, beating the Washington Redskins, 45-10, on Sunday afternoon. They needed some help to get into the playoffs but did not get that help on Sunday so the Chiefs have not yet clinched a playoff spot.

The Chiefs needed the Vikings to beat the Ravens and they almost did it. Matt Cassel threw a 79-yard touchdown pass with less than a minute left to give the Vikings a four-point lead. Unfortunately, Joe Flacco pulled a miracle and threw a touchdown pass with four seconds left to win the game.

The Chiefs also came very close to getting their wish when the Steelers final play, which included a number of laterals, almost went back for a game-winning touchdown. The refs, however, ruled that Antonio Brown stepped out of bounds while running for the game winning touchdown. So, no good and the Chiefs do not clinch.

The Chiefs path to the playoffs next week is beating the Raiders.

The current playoff picture:


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