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Kansas City Chiefs at 11.5 wins: Over or under?

If the 9-3 Kansas City Chiefs win total was put at 11.5 wins, are you taking the over or the under?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I enjoy going on 610 Sports with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison because they often have some good questions for their listeners that I can steal for our readers here at AP. One of those questions came from Danny Parkins yesterday, so the credit goes to him.

Let's say the Chiefs over/under on wins this season is at 11.5. Are you taking the over or the under right now?

The Chiefs are currently at 9-3, which means this question is really asking whether they can go 2-2 or 3-1 down the stretch. The Chiefs have four games remaining on their 2013 schedule, three of which are on the road.

The remaining schedule:

Week 14: at Washington Redskins
Week 15: at Oakland Raiders
Week 16: Indianapolis Colts
Week 17: at San Diego Chargers.

The Chiefs are 3-point favorites over the Redskins this weekend. They will almost certainly be favored against the Raiders in Oakland the week after that. Both those games are considered very winnable. In fact, I don't know of many Chiefs fans who are expecting anything other than a W in those two games. Gotta win those to get yourself to 11.

It's the final two games where things get really interesting. The Week 16 matchup against the Colts could be one in which both teams have already clinched a playoff spot. Both KC and Indy can clinch playoff spots this weekend.

And then there's the Chargers. The Chiefs have already lost to them once this season and that was at Arrowhead. The Chiefs always seem to get dominated in San Diego. Well, at least since 2007 since that was the last time the Chiefs beat the Chargers in San Diego. Recent losses for the Chiefs in San Diego: 31-13, 20-17, 31-0, 43-14, 20-19.

As for me, give me the under. I believe the Chiefs will win their next two games, which will clinch them a spot in the playoffs. The Colts game at Arrowhead will be tough and it wouldn't surprise me if the Chiefs lost given what they've done against other really good quarterbacks this season (two losses vs. Manning, one loss vs. Rivers, 1-point win vs. Romo). The Week 17 game in San Diego is interesting because it's possibly (if not likely) the Chiefs will be locked into the fifth seed by that point, which means it could be a resting your starters situation.

So, 11.5 wins. Over or under?

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