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Why wasn't the Chargers fake punt vs. Chiefs reviewed?

The Chargers overtime fake punt was a critical play at a critical time that went San Diego's way. So why wasn't the close play reviewed by the refs?

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: On the field goal attempt, the NFL admitted it should have been a penalty. More here.

It's overtime in San Diego. The Chargers are facing a 4th-and-2 and line up in punt formation. Except it's not a punt. It's a fake! Chargers safety Eric Weddle takes the snap directly and rushes through the middle of the line.

Weddle is met with resistance right at the first down marker by Chiefs defenders. As he is leaning forward, a Chiefs player rips the ball out of his hands and a helmet comes off in the process. The Chiefs player runs it back for a touchdown.


Game over?

Nope. The refs ruled that Weddle did NOT fumble and that he did pick up the first down. This is understandable. But what is not understandable for many Chiefs fans is why this play was not reviewed.

Former NFL official and Fox broadcaster Mike Pereira talked about that play as it happened.

So why the heck wasn't it reviewed?

Ahh ... well that makes sense. It still sucks. But it makes sense.

That doesn't necessarily mean it was the right call though.

To recap: The play wasn't reviewed because forward progress can not be reviewed. But that doesn't mean the call was correct.

See the comments below for more questions about the play and why it wasn't reviewed.

Update: Another one!

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