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NFL playoffs 2014: Which match-up is best for the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Chiefs possible playoff opponents are whittled down to three. Which team do you want to face?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With one game to play, the Kansas City Chiefs are locked into the No. 5 seed in the 2014 NFL playoffs. They will be on the road in their first playoff game and they will play one of three teams -- Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals or New England Patriots.

Not much has changed in the last two weeks. We ran a poll on December 10 asking you which team you would want the Chiefs to face in the Wild Card round. The three teams listed in that poll two weeks ago are the same three the Chiefs have a shot at facing in the first round of the playoffs.

The results from the poll back then:


Now here we sit, two weeks later and entering Week 17. The Chiefs have just lost to those very Colts whom (or is it who?) 84 percent of Chiefs fans wanted to play. And they lost at Arrowhead. Any playoff game between those two would be in Indy.

Let's ask this same question one more time.

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