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Chiefs playoff scenarios: Possible Wild Card opponents for Kansas City

Figuring out who the Kansas City Chiefs could play in the Wild Card round of the 2014 NFL playoffs.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are locked into the playoffs with the No. 5 seed. They can not move up and they can not move down so Week 17 is meaningless to Kansas City from a playoff seeding standpoint. Nothing can change.

With the Chiefs locked into the No. 5 seed, they know they will play the No. 4 seed on the road. We don't yet know who the No. 4 seed is but it's down to three teams -- Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots. The most likely remains the Colts but it's not far-fetched at all for the Chiefs to play the Bengals or the Patriots.

No. 1 - Denver 12-3 (AFC West champion)
No. 2 - New England 11-4 (AFC East champion)
No. 3 - Cincinnati 10-5 (AFC North champion)
No. 4 - Indianapolis 10-5 (AFC South champion)
No. 5 - Kansas City 11-4 (Wild Card)
No. 6 - Miami 8-7 (Wild Card)
In the hunt: Baltimore 8-7, San Diego 8-7, Pittsburgh 7-8

The sixth playoff spot is to be determined. Four teams are all in the hunt for it. Since that wouldn't affect the Chiefs until the AFC Championship game, I'm not gonna spend much time worrying about that one. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

So who could the Chiefs play in the Wild Card game? This handy chart should help you.

New England Cincinnati Indianapolis Chiefs playoff opponent
W W W Indianapolis


W L Indianapolis
W L W Cincinnati
W L L Indianapolis
L W W New England
L L W Cincinnati
L W L Indianapolis
L L L Indianapolis

(Note: @Jacobs71and @TJFsports came up with the table. I just checked what they did, so credit to them.)

As for who they're playing:

Ravens AT Bengals
Jaguars AT Colts
Bills AT Patriots

I haven't seen all the odds yet on these games but I would guess that the Bengals, Colts and Patriots would all be favored in these games. If all those teams won, the Chiefs would play Indy in the Wild Card round.

What do you think the most likely result is? I'm still leaning towards Indy.

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