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Colts-Chiefs final score: KC's inconsistency loses the game, 23-7

The Kansas City Chiefs moved to 11-4 on the season after they lost to the Indianapolis Colts, 23-7, on Sunday at a snowy and cold Arrowhead Stadium. The day started off well for the Chiefs who had Jamaal Charles punch it in from 31 yards out on the team's first possession. Unfortunately, that was all the Chiefs did as the offense sputtered and turned the ball over three times. The defense couldn't consistently create stops and anytime they did there was a penalty to extend the Colts drive. The Broncos beat the Texans this week and with the Chiefs loss, Denver has clinched the AFC West. Read on for our recap of the game.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Colts 1st drive: Punt

Dunta Robinson gets the starting nod at nickel.

The Chiefs stuffed the Colts on 3rd-and-1 to force the punt.

Chiefs 1st drive: Touchdown (7-0, Chiefs)

Dexter McCluster was a broken tackle away from taking the punt return back. Chiefs start at the 40-yard line.

Chiefs start the game going to Dwayne Bowe for eight yards.

A pass interference call gets the Chiefs a first down.

Alex Smith faked the handoff and kept it with lots of open space. He gained seven yards and became the Chiefs single season record holder for QB rushing yards.

SCORE: Jamaal made one cut to the right and broke upfield for a 31-yard touchdown.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs went 59 yards in four plays.

Colts 2nd drive: Punt

Chiefs stop the Colts on a 3rd-and-8 to force the punt.

Chiefs 2nd drive: Punt

DMC bobbled the punt but recovered it so the Chiefs start at the 21-yard line.

Chiefs can't do anything and have to punt it back.

Colts 3rd drive: Missed field goal

The Colts started at their own 25-yard line.

Indy is finally able to move the ball well, converting on two third downs to move down the field.

The Colts MISSED the field goal, bringing back memories of The Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named in the January 1996 Colts-Chiefs playoff game.

Chiefs 3rd drive: Punt

Chiefs are starting from the 24-yard line.

KC can't do much of anything again and punt it away.


Colts 4th drive: Field goal (7-3, Chiefs)

After another big punt from Dustin Colquitt, the Colts start on the 20-yard line.

Andrew Luck hits Griff Whalen for 21 yards in the middle of the field. Colts receivers are getting open.

DJ drives Andrew Luck into the ground for the sack.

Chiefs won the challenge. DJ picked up the 9-yard sack, pushing the Colts back to a 2nd-and-19.

SCORE: Indy kicks a 45-yard field goal to make it 7-3, Chiefs.

Chiefs 4th drive: Fumble

Chiefs start on the 20-yard line.

Two handoffs to Jamaal and a dump-off to Jamaal to start this drive.

FUMBLE! Knile Davis was in for Jamaal and put it on the ground.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Colts 5th drive: Touchdown (10-7, Colts)

Andrew Luck hit a wiiiide open Donald Brown in the flat for a 33-yard touchdown.

The Colts left tackle put a pile driver on Tamba.

Chiefs 5th drive: Punt

Chiefs start on the 25-yard line.

KC's offense continues to struggle with another punt.

Colts 6th drive: Field goal (13-7, Colts)

Colts start on their own 20-yard line.

Blown coverage on a play. Luck was hit as he threw to TY Hilton, who was wiiiiide open with no one around him. 31-yard gain.

The Colts converted on a 4th-and-1.

SCORE: Indy kicked a 45-yard field goal to make it 13-7.

Chiefs 6th drive: Missed field goal

Chiefs start moving the ball well as halftime nears. 11 yards to McCluster, 9 yards to Charles, Avery for 11 yards, Alex rushes for 9 yards.

Junior Hemingway caught a pass, took a step and fumbled. The refs said it was an incomplete pass and a replay backed that up. Chiefs got lucky there.


Chiefs 7th drive: Fumble

Knile Davis starts the Chiefs off at the 50-yard line with a 48-yard return. Colts punter Pat MacAfee put a big hit on him.

Jamaal bobbled a pitch, picked it up and had to reverse field to get back to the line. Alex Smith tried to throw a block on the play.

That's an INT. Alex hit as he threw, ball fluttered in the air. Jamaal drilled the Colt who picked it off.

Colts 7th drive: Touchdown (20-7, Colts)

SCORE: Donald Brown went 51 yards down the right side for a score. 20-7, Colts.

Chiefs 8th drive: Punt

Alex Smith is sacked and the Chiefs have to punt.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Colts 8th drive: Field goal (23-7, Colts)

On 3rd-and-7, Chiefs pick up a holding call which extends the Colts drive.

Dontari Poe was flagged for taunting after the Chiefs stopped the Colts on a third down.

On 3rd-and-1, the Colts quick-snapped it and picked up the first.

SCORE: Indy settles for the 30-yard field goal. 23-7, Colts.

Chiefs 9th drive: Punt

Knile Davis fumbled -- AGAIN -- but the Chiefs recovered on the kick return.

Alex starts with two passes to Bowe -- 16 yards and 8 yards.

Alex is sacked, which forces another punt. The boos begin to come down on the Chiefs offense.


Colts 9th drive: Punt

The Colts can't do anything and send it back to KC.

Chiefs 10th drive: Punt

Alex keeps it for a big 21-yard run.

As Chiefs approach red zone, Alex throws an interception while targeting Anthony Fasano over the middle of the field.

Colts 10th drive: Punt

Chiefs defense finally forces a punt.

Chiefs 11th drive: Fumble

The Chiefs start moving the ball well late in the game.

Chiefs keep screwing up. Attempting to scramble, Alex fumbles the ball back to Indy.

Colts 11th drive: Victory formation

Indy runs the ball to run out the clock.


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