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Andy Reid on Chiefs injury updates, Jamaal Charles, roster moves and the Colts

The Colts are coming to town, Jamaal Charles is the AFC offensive player of the week and more from Andy Reid speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

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The weekly injury update

Looks like most everyone is going to practice in some fashion with Dexter McCluster being an unknown right now.

LT Branden Albert: Hyper-extended knee. He will practice today and take scout team reps. "Feeling better but easing him back in," Reid said.

TE Anthony Fasano: Concussion. Back at practice "He's feeling pretty good," Reid said. Fasano worked with the scout team last week.

OT Eric Fisher: Shoulder. He's back at practice. Sore but feeling better.

LB Justin Houston: Subluxed elbow. He'll "take some reps and see what he can do with the defense."

WR Dexter McCluster: Foot infection. "His ankle is a little sore." Not sure yet if he will practice. "The infection is under control and doing very well," Reid said.

LB James Michael-Johnson: Sore AC joint.

Today's roster moves

Read about all the roster moves today here.

TE Demetrius Harris has a high ankle sprain. "Fairly significant" according to Reid. That's why he was put on IR.

"[TE] Dominique Jones we put on NFI (non-football illness) and we brought in [TE Richard] Gordon who had been with Pittsburgh last. He had a defensive background in college then converted to the tight end position."

The Colts are a playoff team

"They're a playoff team. They're in. We know how good they are and they're worthy of that position. They're well-coached with good football players and they have a great front office. We know we have to put in a good week of preparation this week and get ourselves ready to play a good football team. We do need the support of the 12th man, the fans. We do appreciate that."

Jamaal Charles does everything well

As expected, there were lots of questions on Jamaal Charles, the AFC offensive player of the week. A collection of quotes on Jamaal:

"He's obviously very valuable to this team. I appreciate most how he comes to work every day and the attitude he brings. He wants to get better every day and demands a lot of himself."

Reid said he "religiously" goes through his daily routine.

"He does everything well."

"He's soft-spoken, a good-lookin' guy, charismatic, he's got all that. He's got this competitive toughness to him that is relentless."

"I heard he was tough but when I got in here I saw it first-hand."

Reid liked Andrew Luck out of school

"I didn't study him a bunch except out of curiosity because I knew we weren't going to be in that position to take him. I sure liked what I saw on the tape that I did look at when he was in college. I've been very impressed with him in the NFL and what he's done there. It's tough to follow a legend, very tough. And he followed one. I think he's handled that absolutely the right way. I think he respects the heck out of Peyton but he knows he is going to put his personality on it. He doesn't brag about it or step out of line with that part of it and that's easier said than done. I think you saw that when they went head to head with each other and he had the ultimate respect there. He just has a good feel for things, not only as a football player but the profession."

What the Chiefs did during the bye week

Reid said during the bye week the coaches looked at what they did well early and what they could improve.

"Things clicked a little bit more after the bye. I thought we used our time well during the bye from a coaching staff standpoint. Most of all, I think the coaches were able to communicate that to the players. These guys are the professionals, the best in the world at what they do, it's important you get them in the right position and exploit their talents. Maybe we've done a better job of that over the last few weeks."

With playoff berth, does anything change with the Colts game?

"No. You prepare yourself the same way. We respect the heck out of the Colts, they're a playoff team, and as I said they're very worthy of that. Now you go get yourself to play four quarters of good football. If you play them again, then you get yourself ready again.

"You're far enough along in the season where there are enough plays that you can mix and match with. You're not going to run out of plays. That's just where we're at. They're not going to run out of plays, we're not going to run out of plays, that's just the way it is even if we played them back to back the following week."

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