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Watch these kids sing the 12 days of Chiefsmas

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Arrowhead Pride Facebook reader Joe sent this video in of his son's third grade class talent show. Watch as they sing their hearts out for the 12 days of Chiefsmas.

We have some talented kids here in the city, folks. These kids were clearly raised right.

Hit play on the video above and follow along with the 12 days of Chiefsmas below.

12,000 new fans

11 Charles rushes

10 RGIII points

9 straight wins

8 Avery first downs

7 Succop field goals

6 Houston tackles

5 Fitzpatrick fumbles

4 Bowe catches

3 Tamba sacks

2. Smith touchdowns

1 New coach named Andy Reid

If you're itching for more, read a couple more Chiefsmas carols here.