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NFL power rankings, Week 16: Kansas City Chiefs climb the charts

After two demolitions in a row, Kansas City is rolling and moving back up the rankings.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After starting 9-0, the Kansas City Chiefs lost three consecutive games.

It appeared as though the sky might be falling a little bit, especially considering two painful defeats to the Denver Broncos were involved. Then, a funny thing happened. The Chiefs went on the road and absolutely dominated two straight weeks, beating the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders by a combined 60 points.

Now, Kansas City plays what could be the final game inside Arrowhead Stadium this season against the Indianapolis Colts. Both teams will be playing hard, as playoff seeding is still up for grabs.

So where do our guys and the experts nationally see the Chiefs in the rankings? Let's take a look:

Ranking Joel T. Matt V. Matt C. Average
Seattle Seahawks 1 1 1 1.0
Denver Broncos 2 2 2 2.0
San Francisco 49ers 3 4 3 3.3
Kansas City Chiefs 5 3 4 4.0
New Orleans Saints 4 6 6 5.3
Carolina Panthers 6 5 5 5.3
New England Patriots 7 7 7 7.0
Cincinnati Bengals 8 8 9 8.3
Arizona Cardinals 11 9 8 9.3
Indianapolis Colts 10 10 11 10.3
Philadelphia Eagles 9 12 12 11.0
Baltimore Ravens 12 11 10 11.0
Chicago Bears 13 14 13 13.3
Detroit Lions 15 15 14 14.7
Miami Dolphins 14 13 17 14.7
San Diego Chargers 16 18 15 16.3
Green Bay Packers 18 16 16 16.7
Dallas Cowboys 17 17 18 17.3
Pittsburgh Steelers 19 19 19 19.0
Tennessee Titans 21 20 23 21.3
New York Jets 20 22 22 21.3
St. Louis Rams 23 21 20 21.3
Cleveland Browns 22 25 21 22.7
New York Giants 24 24 24 24.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25 23 27 25.0
Buffalo Bills 26 26 26 26.0
Minnesota Vikings 27 27 25 26.3
Atlanta Falcons 28 28 30 28.7
Jacksonville Jaguars 29 29 29 29.0
Oakland Raiders 30 30 28 29.3
Washington Redskins 32 31 31 31.3
Houston Texans 31 32 32 31.7

SB Nation

7. Jamaal Charles ran absolutely riot on the Raiders' no-cover linebacking corps, conjuring images of Marshall Faulk in his prime and scoring almost every time he caught the ball with room to operate. The Chiefs' defense gave up some unsightly yardage, but more importantly they harvested an astounding seven turnovers to build an early lead and then squash the Raiders' comeback bid. It would take an amazing gaffe by the Broncos for K.C. to take the division, but at least the Chiefs can aim to enter the playoffs on a hot streak after an ugly November. (Last week: 8)


7. Do you remember a few years ago when Todd Haley gave Thomas Jones more carries than Jamaal Charles? That was hilarious.

Cincy Jungle

4. Jamal Charles had 20 yds rushing but 195 yds receiving. Oakland had no answer.

Mile High Report

5. Not two days after I make a reference to Chiefs fans not being able to handle a fiftyburger, their team drops a fiftyburger. I guess I deserved that. Thanks to the Chargers, the Chiefs are now in position to capitalize off another Broncos blunder should there be one against the two remaining cupcakes on the Broncos schedule. How quickly things can change in a week.

Big Blue View

8. The Chiefs have averaged more than 50 points over their past two games, but then again, they've played Washington and Oakland. (LW: 8)

Bleeding Green Nation

6. Andy Reid's Chiefs have looked dominant the past two weeks. Kansas City outscored their opponent by a combined 60 points in these two games.

Blogging The Boys

3. Jamaal Charles is something special. Five TDs, 195 receiving yards, 20 rushing yards. That and a whopping seven takeaways explain the 50-burger the Chiefs dumped on the hapless Raiders.

The Phinsider

4. Denver may have given up the AFC control briefly, only to get it back, but they aren't even assured of winning their division, given how Kansas City is bouncing back after losing three.

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