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Clark Hunt and Andy Reid react to the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs

Read on for quotes from Andy Reid and Clark Hunt after the Chiefs beat the Raiders and clinched a playoff spot.

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When talking about this 2013 Kansas City Chiefs season, I keep coming back to one question. If you had asked me at the beginning of the season, 'Would you be happy with 11-3 in Week 15?', I have said you're a complete idiot because the Chiefs won't be that good and OF COURSE I would be happy with 11-3.

Well, surprise! Yes, this is real life. Even the owner of the Chiefs said nobody could have anticipated a turnaround of this magnitude.

"We had very high expectations," Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said this week, via "We were fortunate enough to convince Coach Reid to come to Kansas City. We don't think anybody could've anticipated how quickly the team would turn and have the type of success that we've had this year, whether it was the 9-0 start or clinching the playoffs today, but certainly, he and the coaching staff deserve a lot of the credit for it.

"And also, I have to mention (Chiefs GM) John Dorsey and the tremendous job that he did in assembling the people in that locker room; they went out there and got it done today."

While we're here, time for some more pats on the back.

"Again, a good win [Sunday] and as I mentioned a lot of things go into that," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, comments via the Chiefs. "The people in this building here number one and the great effort that they have put in and I'm saying the whole organization. It starts with Clark Hunt and the Hunt family. We've all pulled together as an organization and that has contributed to the success.

"It's not just about the players. It's not just about the coaches. I would include in there The Kingdom and the great support that we get every time that we step into Arrowhead and on the road. The fans are spectacular and their support has been a great contributor to leading us into the playoffs here."

But wait! There's more!

"We're able to get some guys back healthy here," Reid continued, "which would lead me into just mentioning John Dorsey and his staff. We've had guys who have been banged up and other guys have stepped in and done a heck of a job, and that's a tribute to John and his staff on keeping the competition level very high amongst the different positions and thus when somebody gets hurt that next person comes in at a high level. My hat goes off to John and his crew there."

That's great and all but I thought the Chiefs would've recognized my role in all of this. I really sacrificed to curb the Raiders come back on Sunday and secure a W.

Hey, it worked!

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