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NFL playoff schedule 2014: This is the road to the Super Bowl

With the Kansas City Chiefs now officially in the playoffs, let's take some time to review the 2014 NFL playoff schedule.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to plan out the month of January. We don't know yet what seed the Chiefs will be but we do know that they'll be there. The Chiefs could begin their playoff run on Wild Card weekend (if they don't win the AFC West) or on the Divisional round weekend (if they win the AFC West).

Below are the basics of the 2014 NFL playoff schedule.

Wild Card round: January 4-5

One AFC game and one NFC game on Saturday, and the same thing on Sunday. So four games this weekend.

The top two seeds would have a bye this weekend. The 3rd seed would host the 6th seed while the 4th seed would host the 5th seed.

Divisional round: January 11-12

Same thing as Wild Card weekend -- two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday.

The highest seed (1) would host the lowest seed, however that shakes out. The 2nd seed would then host the other game.

Some people say this is the best weekend in football because it's the best teams.

AFC Championship game: January 19

Pleeeeeeease make it, CHIEFS!

Super Bowl: February 2

This would be amazing.

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