Jamaal Charles looks like the 2013 NFL MVP

Jed Jacobsohn

From the FanPosts -Joel

Before anyone freaks out on me, I'll preface the rest of this by clarifying that I don't think that Jamaal Charles will win the MVP award for this season -- I just think he looks a lot like the guy who will win the award.

Now you're probably more confused. I mean, Peyton Manning is 6'5", and Jamaal Charles is 5'11". Jamaal Charles is one of the fastest men to ever pay football, and Peyton Manning is about as mobile as a statue.

But I'm not talking about physical traits. I'm talking about the only thing that matters -- I'm talking about their on-field experiences and play.

Let's start with the obvious -- since they both play in the AFC West, both men are accustomed to playing the same teams, and to playing each other. They've also led their teams to identical 11-3 records through 14 games.

Manning and Charles both suffered home losses to the San Diego Chargers this year, and they both suffered their first loss of the season in their first game they played against a team with a winning record.

Both of them are the main offensive weapon that has allowed their respective teams to average an identical 39 PPG since their respective first losses of the season. Charles helped his team clobber the NFC East by an average of 17.5 PPG -- Manning led his team to an average win margin of 18.5 PPG against the same opponents.

Perhaps best of all is that with two weeks to go, Manning is exactly 3 passing touchdowns away from tying the single season record in that category -- and Charles is exactly 3 receiving touchdowns away from becoming the first NFL player to ever record 10 receiving touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns in the same season.

To me, that last bit is the most important of all. It tells me that in any other season, assuming the other player wasn't having an equally great year, both men would be a shoo-in for the MVP award. It's astounding that having a discussion about who deserves it more is even possible, given how both men might be enjoying one of the greatest years anyone at their respective positions has ever even dreamed of.

Does Jamaal Charles deserve the MVP award? Probably.

Does Peyton Manning deserve it more? Possibly.

But do both men deserve to be recognized for outstanding play, regardless of who wins the award? Absolutely.

I don't know if Jamaal Charles will end being this year's MVP.

But even if he doesn't, he sure looks like the MVP.

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