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All of a sudden, the Kansas City Chiefs are a juggernaut

Kansas City is rolling offensively, giving hope for a Super Bowl run.

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The defense needs work and the last two opponents are dumpster fires. For anybody who wants to doubt what has been building over the past month, there are your two arguments. Both are fair and certainly can and must be talked about when discussing how far the Kansas City Chiefs can go.

However, something else must be noted. This offense is becoming a machine.

During the first nine weeks of the season, Alex Smith and Co. looked lost more often than not. Even when points were scored and drives were sustained, the offense always seemed out of rhythm. It was always such a chore for them to put anything together. The record was 9-0, but something was clearly missing. An offense.

Over these last four games, the unit which most of us left for dead in Buffalo has emerged to be one of the league's best. It's as if the light bulb went on simultaneously for everybody, including the coaching staff. Andy Reid is in a serious groove right now. Don't believe me? Go watch his 3rd and 1 wheel route call to Jamaal Charles.

Andy Reid is in a serious groove right now. Don't believe me? Go watch his 3rd and 1 wheel route call to Jamaal Charles.

Still, the biggest reason for the offensive explosion is the growth of the line. With Geoff Schwartz in the lineup and Eric Fisher quickly improving, the big uglies are getting it done. Early in the season, this group was getting a ton of well-deserved criticism. Now, they are protecting Smith on almost every drop-back and blowing open huge holes for Charles.

Speaking of Charles, there is not a bigger threat in the NFL. With 1,181 rushing yards and a team-leading 655 receiving, the 25-year-old is proving he is worthy of All-Pro status. With an NFL-best 18 total touchdowns, Charles is making a case to be the MVP of the league. He won't win because of Peyton Manning, but he should finish second.

Let's not forget about Smith either. I'm sorry, but if you are still bashing this guy it is probably time to take the keyboard out back. Over his last four games, Smith has thrown for 1,011 yards on a 69.2 completion percentage with 12 touchdowns and two interceptions. Then factor in he has basically been benched the last two fourth quarters because of the game situation.

If those numbers aren't insanely good, I don't know what is. Nobody is suggesting Smith is elite, but right now you might as well call him butter, because damn is he on a roll.

Dwayne Bowe's involvement has also gone up considerably. Over the first eight games, Bowe was targeted 46 times, making 26 receptions for 302 yards and two touchdowns. Over the last six contests, Bowe has 49 targets with 26 catches, 325 yards and three touchdowns. It isn't lighting the world on fire, but it's much better.

Sure, the defense has to find its form to give the Chiefs a chance to win the Super Bowl. Without a stout defense, Kansas City will ultimately fall short either in the Wild Card round or some point thereafter. Yet, I have faith that with the return of Justin Houston, things will start trending up.

Earlier this season, I feared the high-powered attacks of the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. Now I'm confident the Chiefs could win in a shootout if necessary.

Who would have thought it possible a month ago?

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