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Who is Matt McGloin? And more Chiefs-Raiders questions

The KC Chiefs and Oakland Raiders play at 3:05 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) on Sunday in Oakland. What do Chiefs fans need to know about the Raiders? We talked with Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride to figure that out. Read on for our Q&A below.

1. Name one player on offense the Chiefs will have to watch out for.

Levi: The obvious answer would be Matt McGloin, the quarterback. But that's too easy. I'll go with Rashad Jennings. He was second in the NFL in rushing yards in the month of November (403) behind only Adrian Peterson. He got a concussion against the Cowboys two weeks ago that had him out last week but now he's back. He will keep the Chiefs' defensive ends honest because he specializes in running between the tackles and getting yards after contact. He also is a threat in the receiving game as evidenced by his going over 100 yards from scrimmage in five of his six starts this season.

2. Name one player on defense the Chiefs will have to watch out for.

Levi: This is a tough one because the Raiders' defense has not been making many plays at all lately. I guess Kevin Burnett would be the answer at the moment. He has terrific instincts and is very smart. If he were more solid as a tackler, he could be one of the best linebackers in football. Lamarr Houston would be my usual answer and the Chiefs will focus on stopping him. He just hasn't been much of a factor as of late.

3. What are the Chiefs going to see from Matt McGloin? Why does he have a shot to win?

Levi: The Chiefs pass rushers won't have a lot of time to get to McGloin. He makes quick decisions, gets the ball out quickly, and has a compact throwing motion making it difficult to sack him. I don't think he HAS a shot to win, really. The Chiefs defense should hold him and the Raiders offense under 20 points and I don't see the Raiders defense being able to hold anyone to that low of a scoring output.

4. The Chiefs live on turnovers. Do the Raiders protect the ball well? If the Chiefs win the turnover battle +3, who is the most likely culprit on the Raiders?

Levi: The Raiders do protect the ball well for the most part. If the Chiefs get a turnover, it will likely come from Matt McGloin. He hasn't been interception prone per se, but he has thrown one in each of the past three games. He also fumbled twice. Those five turnovers are the only ones the Raiders have had over the past four weeks. The Raiders' leader in fumbles (5) and interceptions (10) is Terrelle Pryor and he will only play a few snaps if at all. The Raiders are plus-three in season turnover ratio.

5. The Chiefs offense has played significantly better in the past few weeks. If you were the Chiefs offensive coordinator, how would you attack the Raiders?

Levi: Through the air. Although with Jamaal Charles on your team, I'm sure the ground would work pretty well, too. The Raiders can't generate much of a pass rush these days and offenses are hip to Jason Tarver's alignments and blitz packages. Geno Smith had his best game in a while against the Raiders last week so Alex Smith should have no trouble at all.

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