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Chiefs-Raiders odds: Kansas City is a 4.5-point favorite in Oakland

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The Kansas City Chiefs enter the Black Hole as the favorites.

Peter Aiken

I was on 610 Sports yesterday talking about the KC Chiefs and Oakland Raiders game on Sunday where I predicted a 23-10 victory for the Chiefs. That seemed about right to me -- Chiefs often score in the 20s and the defense, who sacked Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor 10 times in the previous meeting, appears primed to have a big game.

Most seem to agree with me in thinking the Chiefs will win. But will it be a blowout? According to the odds on the game, maybe not.

The Chiefs are 4.5-point favorites in Oakland, according to SB Nation's NFL odds page. Not a huge line when you consider the Chiefs are a 10-3 team and the Raiders are starting Matt McGloin.

The Raiders are at home, so that probably helps the line in their favor a little bit. But the Chiefs are also one of the best road teams (and they've played better teams on the road than at home).

The Chiefs are back to playing a backup quarterback so my thinking is that the defense we saw in the first half of the season will return.

What do you think?