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NFL playoffs 2013: Chiefs fans would rather play the Colts than the Bengals

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We have some somewhat surprising poll results.

With the KC Chiefs hopefully clinching a playoff berth this weekend, I asked our readers earlier this week which team they would most want to play in the Wild Card round of the playoffs -- Indianapolis, Cincinnati or New England.

No surprise that New England had the lowest number of votes, with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and all that. What is a surprise, at least to me, is that the Colts are way, way more preferred than the Bengals.


As I wrote in the original post, I usually look at these games by the quarterback. How good is the quarterback? I believe Andrew Luck is the better quarterback. But there's a strong argument that the Bengals are the better overall team. The Colts are consistent, often getting down big in the first half. I wouldn't mind facing them and picking up a 14-point lead even if, as Denver showed us, that lead isn't necessarily safe.

Nothing else to add here. Just found the results interesting.