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The Kansas City Chiefs pass catchers through 14 weeks

Where do the KC Chiefs running backs, receivers and tight ends stand in the pass catching department? Find the numbers below, along with some projections.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We know that Jamaal Charles is a massive part of the Kansas City Chiefs offense. In the running game, the team has just now started giving Knile Davis more carries after Jamaal took nearly all significant carries in the first three quarters of the season. We also know that he's a huge part of the overall offense, something like 40 percent of the offense goes through him.

And now let's visualize Jamaal's impact in the passing game compared to others.

Name Catches Yards % of all receptions
Jamaal Charles 57 460 20.7
Dwayne Bowe 49 602 17.8
Dexter McCluster 46 439 16.7
Donnie Avery 35 531 12.7
Sean McGrath 23 277 8.3
Anthony Fasano 22 181 8

There was a debate at one point before the season about how many players the Chiefs would have with 40 receptions. We knew before the year that Andy Reid historically had a heavy passing attack so we were wondering how that would affect the Chiefs receivers. It appears there will end up being four receivers with at least 40 receptions, assuming Donnie Avery makes it over the hump in the next three weeks.

The season only has three more weeks so those numbers are close to what the final ones be but not exactly it. I projected each of those numbers out over a 16-game schedule to see what the Chiefs can expect to end the season with.

Name Catches (proj.) Yards (proj.)
Jamaal Charles 70 566
Dwayne Bowe 60 741
Dexter McCluster 57 540
Donnie Avery 43 654
Sean McGrath 28 341
Anthony Fasano 30 249

70 catches and 566 yards would be career highs for Jamaal considering he's already set career highs in Week 14. Dwayne Bowe's 60 receptions would be only a little lower than what Bowe has put up in the past. The yards are also not all that lower than what he got last year (801). I'd be impressed with Dexter McCluster's numbers if they ended up like that.

Nothing too ground-breaking here. The topic of how often Alex Smith would throw the ball and who would benefit was a big one before the season started.

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