2014 Schedule

Well it looks like our 2014 schedule is pretty much set in stone.

We get the AFC East and the NFC West.

More than likely we will finish 2nd in the division, then we will play the Ravens and Titans, who will probably finish 2nd in their respective divisions.

We have all heard the talk about how easy the Chiefs schedule was this year. Nothing we could do about that we just play the teams we are scheduled to play. Coming into this season, we all thought we would have one of the toughest schedule in the league, funny how that thing works out.

Next year schedule looks just as brutal as this years did at this time last year(man that is a confusing statement, huh) Fact is we have no clue what teams will look like next year, but I am glad we had this "soft" schedule this year. It taught these guys how to win, and come next year we should have the confidence we can go out and beat anybody. It definitely wont be easy next year, but nothing we can do about it.

Not sure if the NFL switches locations for the games, but if so, we would get the Seahawks(lets break the sound record again this game(sarcasm, kinda), Rams, Jets, and Patriots at home and the 49ers, Cardinals, Bills, and Dolphins on the road. No clue about the Titans and Ravens games, but 1 obviously would be at home.

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