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NFL power rankings, Week 15: The Chiefs beat bad teams

The KC Chiefs improved to 10-3 with a 45-10 beatdown of the Washington Redskins on Sunday at FedEx Field. Where should the Kansas City Chiefs rank in the Week 15 NFL power rankings?

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I do not think the KC Chiefs are one of the NFL's top 1-2 teams but I also think they're better than the 10th team. We're ranking the Chiefs in this week's power rankings and I wanted to see where everyone else felt they should be ranked.

The Broncos and Seahawks are the top two teams. I have Denver No. 1 and Seattle No. 2. A lot of people will agree with that despite Seattle's loss to the 49ers last weekend.

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From there, you have the Saints, 49ers, Patriots, Bengals and Chiefs. The Colts are also in there as are the Panthers. Where do the Chiefs stand among those teams? The Saints and 49ers are coming off of very impressive wins over the Panthers and Seahawks, respectively. The Bengals, too, are coming off a 14-point win over the Colts.

Meanwhile, the Patriots...

The Chiefs, meanwhile, just beat one of the NFL's worst teams in the Washington Redskins. So as far as the Week 14 strength of schedule goes, the Chiefs are near the bottom.

I am going to put the Chiefs somewhere around No. 6-8 in my power rankings. That feels right to me. It recognizes that they have won 10 of their first 13 games which is a hard thing to do. It also recognizes that they're not quite one of the elite teams left.

We won't learn much about the Chiefs in this week's game against Oakland. The Chiefs should win that one and, like this week's Redskins game, not many people are going to credit them for beating such an inferior team. So the Chiefs need to take care of business in Oakland and then the fun starts. A possible playoff preview against the Colts in Week 16. Right now, the best guesses are that once the Chiefs clinch a playoff spot, they will lock down the No. 5 seed and likely play the Colts, who appear primed to secure the No. 4 seed. That Week 16 game will come two weeks before Wild Card weekend.

What is interesting to me about these Chiefs is that they're tied for the NFL lead with the best road record at 5-1. That seems like an important stat when your team is possibly going on the road to start the playoffs.

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