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Death at Arrowhead Stadium during Broncos vs. Chiefs, according to report

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A man is dead after an altercation in the Arrowhead parking lot during Sunday's Broncos-Chiefs game, according to the Kansas City police department.

Jamie Squire

We have a developing story out of Kansas City this evening, which comes one year to the day after the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide:

KCTV5 and others report it occurred in Lot A after the game. USA Today quotes a KCPD official: "At this time, we're not calling it a homicide, but we'll investigate it as one."

And KCTV has more:

Police sources tell KCTV5 that a man and his son had gone to their vehicle during the game. When they arrived, they found another man rifling through the vehicle and a fight broke out. The man who apparently did not belong in the vehicle died. Police officials did not say whether the two in custody were the father and his son or not.

Here is the KC Star story.

From Kansas City police chief Darryl Forte:

We'll be updating this post as more details emerge.