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Broncos-Chiefs final score: KC's offense shows up, defense doesn't in 35-28 loss

The Kansas City Chiefs moved to 9-3 on the season after losing their third game in a row and second in three weeks to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos beat the Chiefs on Sunday at Arrowhead, 35-28. KC jumped out to a 21-7 lead in the game but it was all Peyton Manning after that as the Broncos QB put up a whopping five touchdown passes and 28 unanswered points. The game will be remembered for the Chiefs hot start, their late offensive run, the defensive meltdown (Marcus Cooper) and Donnie Avery's multiple drops.


Chiefs 1st drive: Interception

Chiefs come out firing early with a 9-yard pass to Dwayne Bowe, 6-yard pass to Dexter McCluster and a 9-yard run by Jamaal Charles.

Jeff Allen picked up the first penalty with a false start.

Turnover: From the 1-yard line, Alex rolled out to his right looking for a receiver and threw it right to the Broncos' Wesley Woodyard.

Broncos 1st drive: Interception

Arrowhead began the Broncos first offensive drive by getting very loud.

First play: Peyton Manning continues picking on Marcus Cooper with a 14-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas. Then it was 18 yards to Wes Welker who was tackled by Cooper.

Turnover: Chiefs return the favor with an interception by Quintin Demps. Manning went deep to Demaryius Thomas and the ball was batted in the air where Demps was able to snag it.

via Deadspin

Thomas was apparently injured on the play with a questionable return.

Chiefs 2nd drive: Touchdown (7-0, Chiefs)

All Jamaal, all the time. Charles picks up a 16-yard run and a 15-yard run on back-to-back plays.

Knile Davis sighting. The Chiefs RB goes up the middle for 20 yards and puts the Chiefs in the red zone.

SCORE: Alex found Junior Hemingway in the end zone from 17 yards out. Chiefs strike first, 7-0.

Broncos 2nd drive: Touchdown (7-7)

Denver started off at 1st-and-20 from their own 11-yard line but Knowshon Moreno quickly picked up a 34-yard gain on a screen pass.

On a 3rd-and-4, Manning found Montee Ball over the middle for four yards. The spot of the ball was just past the first down marker. The Arrowhead video operator replayed it what seemed like a dozen times during a TV break but Reid decided not to challenge.

SCORE: Eric Decker splits the safety and Manning finds him for a touchdown from 41 yards out. All tied up, 7-7.


Chiefs 3rd drive: Touchdown (14-7, Chiefs)

SCORE: Knile Davis takes it to the house from 108 yards back on the kickoff return. Chiefs lead, 14-7.

Broncos 3rd drive: Interception

Turnover: Marcus Cooper catches a Manning duck of a pass for the interception. He returns it to the Broncos 22-yard line, giving the Chiefs great field position.

Chiefs 4th drive: Touchdown (21-7, Chiefs)

A great catch by Dwayne Bowe in the end zone is wiped out due to a penalty.

SCORE: Excellent pass-and-catch from Alex to Fasano, who tipped the ball back to himself to make the 12-yard touchdown catch.

Broncos 4th drive: Punt

Denver can't move the ball. They're forced to punt.

Chiefs 5th drive: Punt

Dexter McCluster fielded the punt inside the 5-yard line for some reason. He was immediately drilled and the Chiefs started on their own 3-yard line.

On 3rd-and-8, Alex hit Fasano in the right flat for roughly eight yards. The referee spotted the ball just short of the first down. The Chiefs thought they got it. Andy Reid elected not to challenge it and punt it away.

Broncos 5th drive: Touchdown (21-14, Chiefs)

Manning to Decker is successful again. It's a 42-yard pass to Decker, putting the Broncos inside the 5-yard line.

SCORE: The Chiefs forced Denver to a third down but Manning found Moreno from three yards out for the score. Chiefs still lead, 21-14.

Chiefs 6th drive: Punt

Jamaal fumbled the ball but Fasano quickly recovered it. Whew.

Alex scrambled on a play from one side of the field back to the middle. On that play, Chiefs G Jeff Allen went down grabbing his leg and Broncos LB Von Miller also went down.

The Chiefs punted it away.

Broncos 6th drive: Punt

Manning can't do anything once again. Denver punts.

Chiefs 7th drive: Punt

The Chiefs started this drive on their own 22-yard line with 1:28 left.

Broncos picked off Alex's first pass but a defensive holding call brought it back.

Alex rolled right and picked up 25 yards on the ground. But then he was flagged for intentional grounding on the next play.

The Chiefs punted away.

Broncos 7th drive: Halftime

Denver runs one play before halftime hits.


Broncos 8th drive: Touchdown (21-21)

SCORE: Manning finds Decker. Again. This time it was rom 37 yards out for the score. 21-21.

Chiefs 8th drive: Punt

Things are getting chippy in Kansas City. Jamaal Charles broke off a 15-yard run and then also picked up another 15 yards after a Broncos player was flagged for hitting him late out of bounds. A couple plays later, the two sides started pushing and shoving each other again after Alex Smith was tackled.

Chiefs pick up 16 yards on a 3rd-and-18 but elect to punt from the Broncos 41-yard line.

Broncos 9th drive: Touchdown (28-21, Broncos)

On the second play of the drive, Manning hit Demaryius Thomas for a 77-yard gain.

SCORE: On third down, Manning hit Decker for his third touchdown. 28-21, Broncos.

Chiefs 9th drive: Punt

Alex put a deep ball on the money to AJ Jenkins who ... dropped it.

The Chiefs punted it away.

Broncos 10th drive: Touchdown (35-21, Broncos)

The Broncos start from their own 5-yard line.

Montee Ball picked up 45 yards on the ground on the first play from scrimmage this drive.

Manning to Thomas over the middle nets another 15 yards as the Broncos keep driving.

SCORE: Manning to Decker from 1-yard out. Again.


Chiefs 10th drive: Touchdown (35-28, Broncos)

On 3rd-and-17, the Chiefs picked up 17 yards on a pass to DMC. On the next play the Chiefs went for it and picked up the first down. Denver challenged the spot of the ball but the Chiefs won the challenge and the play was upheld.

Donnie Avery dropped another open deep ball from Alex. Two plays later, he dropped another catch-able ball.

SCORE: JAMAAL jumped over the goal line for the touchdown. Chiefs now down 35-28.

Broncos 11th drive: Punt

On 2nd-and-15 Sean Smith was flagged for pass interference. Just a killer penalty with under five minutes left in the game.

KC finally forces a punt out of the Broncos.

Chiefs 11th drive: Turnover

KC is starting from their own 8-yard line with 3:26 remaining and down by 7 points.

On 3rd-and-14, AJ Jenkins came up with a huge 26-yard catch to move the chains. DMC had a diving 28-yard reception over the middle of the field. And then a 23-yard pass to D-Bowe. Three 20-plus yard passes on the Chiefs biggest drive of the game.

The Chiefs could NOT convert on 4th-and-4 on the 13-yard line. Alex's pass to D-Bowe was incomplete.

Broncos 12th drive: Ball game.


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