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Dustin Colquitt again has perfect timing with bye week baby coming

Dustin Colquitt is serving up a lesson in how to handle the bye week.

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Way back at the beginning of 2012, Mrs. Arrowhead Pride and I were planning our wedding. We weren't sure what the date was going to be but I knew that Kansas Speedway was having an event on the weekend of Friday, October 19 and I knew that the Chiefs preferred to not play on the same weekend as that event (thanks to helpful readers, such as kcsno56).

So, I casually offered up to Mrs. Arrowhead Pride the date of Saturday, October 20 for our wedding. I sold her on the fall colors. Think of your bouquet of flowers! I sold her on the weather. Think of the perfect, cool weather! October 20 just seemed like a perfect date.

And it was. We had a great time. But picking that date was also one of my greatest personal achievements -- I nailed the bye week. Indeed I got married on the bye week. Boy, you don't know the feeling when you see that schedule come out in April and realize you nailed the perfect date nine months out.

This brings us to Dustin Colquitt. He spoke with the Kansas City Star this week and revealed that his wife is having their fifth baby during the bye week.

"I just dialed up to the maker and said we need it on the bye week if possible," Colquitt said, via the Kansas City Star. "... When the schedule came out, as a Christian man I thought, that could not have been better timing."

Colquitt is a quotable guy. Read the entire Star article here.

So, what's more impressive: Bye week wedding or a bye week baby?

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