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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 11/7

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Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

From Adrian Peterson To Jamaal Charles, Chiefs' Eric Bieniemy Has Coached The Best from KC Star

"What Jamaal brings is he's very well-rounded," Bieniemy said. "He does a lot in the running game, a lot in the passing game and does a great job in pass protection."

It's the latter attribute - Charles' willingness to take on larger, charging defenders to give quarterback Alex Smith an extra beat to get off a pass - that separates Charles and wins admiration.

"The one thing you can kind of fall asleep on is thinking he's a player who can't dominate in pass protection, but he does, and takes pride in that," Bieniemy said. "I love that. He has heart and desire and accepts the challenge."

Play 60 At Nativity Of Mary School from The Mothership

On Tuesday, the Chiefs Community Caring Team visited Nativity of Mary School, located right down the street from Arrowhead Stadium. Former linebacker and Chiefs Ambassador, Shawn Barber hosted a Play 60 assembly for the 285 students, along with KC Wolf.

"We are thrilled to have KC Wolf and the Chiefs Community Caring Team at our school, teaching our students more about being active and staying healthy," Elizabeth Baker, Principal of Nativity of Mary School said. "The students were so excited to have the Chiefs here and really enjoyed the assembly."

Chiefs History: The Search For "The One" from The Mothership

How you do as an NFL franchise rests so much on your quarterback. The infatuation with who should (or should not) play quarterback has a long history in Kansas City, dating back to Len Dawson, who had his detractors, despite a career that landed him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Each year, since Dawson's departure, the process begins as a benign, hopeful experience and then turns almost nightmarish, as a quarterback is injured or doesn't fulfill the ultimate dreams of the city's fanbase, which has come to mean a Super Bowl title. Photo Gallery: 2013 Season Highlights Photo Gallery

Midseason Report: Kansas City Chiefs from ESPN

The ultimate grade for any team at this point of the NFL season is defined not by A's, B's or C's but W's and L's. Grading on that curve, the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs, the NFL's last unbeaten team, are at the head of the class.

That's not to say everything is working well in Kansas City. Offensively, the Chiefs are getting by while the Chiefs have often dominated with their defense.

Chiefs First-Half Grades: Offense from FS Kansas City

How does a 9-0 team get graded with anything but one "A" after another?

Well, for starters, our grading is based on expectations. And while the Chiefs' perfect record implies perfection, as we all know, the Chiefs haven't exactly played perfect football.

And before anyone starts howling, keep in mind that the Chiefs' coaching staff has felt the same way as it evaluates its players in a similar fashion each week: Yes, the team is winning, but all areas can use improvement.

The Road Ahead from Chiefs Spin

Moreover, the bye week affords an opportunity for the coaching staff to address issues, a point coach Andy Reid made during Monday's media session when asked about bye week priorities.

"We need to go back in, as a staff, and do another self-scout," Reid said. "We do it weekly, but you go back and go through the whole thing again. Then, you start preparation for Denver. We have a practice next Monday before the day off on Tuesday, so we have to make sure we prep for that. Those are the three primary categories."

Learn from the past, apply to the present and future is the course of action.

Chiefs, Broncos In Heated Race For AFC West from The Associated Press via Bakersfield Now

There's an old saying that it's better to be lucky than good, and the Chiefs have been both so far.

They've faced backup quarterbacks in four of their last five games, and the only one who wasn't a backup, Oakland's Terrelle Pryor, won the starting job in training camp.

So what? The Chiefs are the first team in NFL history to start 9-0 after posting the worst record in the league the previous season (2-14).

The Chiefs have put themselves in prime position to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. In the Super Bowl era, all 18 teams that won their first nine games qualified for the postseason party. Eleven of those advanced to the Super Bowl and seven of them won it.

What A Difference A Coach Makes from MMQB

The upstart 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs have largely the same roster that unraveled to 2-14 last season and earned the first overall pick in the draft. But they also have the proven track record of Andy Reid at their disposal for the first time, and his coaching touch has been the miracle cure for the franchise's ills. Credit should flow in many directions in Kansas City, but make no mistake, it starts with Reid and the professional tone he has set at the top.

Chiefs Mat Be NFL's Best, But Deficiencies Of Alex Smith, Run Defense Make Them Vulnerable from NESN

Alex Smith also presents a problem for the Chiefs. Sure, he deserves credit for helping in the turnaround, as his efficiency and caution with the football are important attributes, but he receives far more credit than he deserves. Smith hasn't exactly lived up to the lofty standards he set for himself over his last two seasons in San Francisco. Coming off a season where he, albeit in 10 games, set career highs in completion percentage (70.2 percent) and quarterback rating (104.1), Smith hasn't  followed up with a repeat performance this season. He's completing just 59.7 percent of his passes so far in 2013, and his QB rating is 81.4 - the worst over his last five seasons.

He isn't turning the ball over, which is key to the Chiefs' turnaround. He's thrown just four interceptions through nine weeks, a stark contrast to the 20 interceptions Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn combined for in 2012. But while careful, he isn't exactly a playmaker.

11 Days To Denver: How Did We Get Here? from Warpaint Illustrated

To a man, the players love their head coach and Reid loves his players. That's a rare combination in the NFL. Reid has shown his players a path to greatness. He believes in them at as much as they believe in him. In return, the players respect his vast experience and calm demeanor.

In January, when I left the press conference announcing Andy Reid, as the Chiefs new head coach, I felt this franchise had already climbed out of the pit they swam in a year ago. What Hunt and Donovan did so swiftly made me feel like everyone meant business. But no way did I believe they'd be this good this fast.

In 11 days, we're going to find out how quickly that investment has matured. What we know today is clear; the Chiefs are on a franchise upswing.

NFL Awards Watch: Midseason from Sports Illustrated

Defensive Player of the Year

1. Justin Houston, OLB, Kansas City Chiefs: He's the best player on the league's best defense, but more than that, he's developed into the most explosive edge pass-rusher in the game. His 11 sacks are a product of two incredibly dominant performances -- 7.5 sacks over two games -- but he also leads the league in the MMQB's total pressure points and efficiency metrics.

Halfway There 2013: Pick 6 Of Must-See NFL Games from The Arizona Daily Star

Here's a Pick 6 of every "big game" in the second half:

CHIEFS AT BRONCOS, NOV. 17, AND BRONCOS AT CHIEFS, DEC. 1: The only thing that seems to rattle Manning is a little roughing-up, and no NFL pair does that sort of thing better than Kansas City's Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, who have combined for 20 sacks. The Chiefs are the first team since Atlanta in 1977 to allow 17 points or fewer in each of its first nine games. Denver, meanwhile, pretty much seems to score at will, with Manning already at 29 touchdown passes, spreading throws around to Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Julius Thomas.

Undefeated Chiefs Deserve Respect from The Maneater

It's easy to poke holes in the Chiefs. They haven't exactly looked too pretty in most of the nine games they have won against iffy competition. But I would argue that the way in which they have won is what gives them an edge in playoff scenarios.

Because this team pretty much wills its way to victory each week, it has shown that it can play with anyone in the league.

NFL MVP Projection: Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Makes List Debut from CBS Sports

If you took Alex Smith off the Chiefs offense and replaced him with a cat, Kansas City would probably still be 9-0 and the cat would probably have three more touchdown passes than Smith has right now -- Smith has only thrown two touchdown passes since Oct. 1. However, if you took Charles off the Chiefs offense, the team would be 2-7 and they would only have two wins because of Tamba Hali. Not only does Charles lead Kansas City in rushing, he's also the Chiefs second leading receiver -- first, if we're going by receptions.

The 8 Biggest Moments In The 10 Year History Of NFL Network from Awful Announcing

Nov. 23, 2006: The birth of Thursday Night Football

Chiefs 19, Broncos 10 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Thanksgiving night, 2006. The first-ever game produced, directed and televised by NFLN.

Remember all of the controversy at the time? The channel was still quite obscure for mainstream sports fans. NFLN had 41 million subscribers and it wasn't available to Time Warner Cable, Cablevision or Charter Communications subscribers. By continuing to broadcast live games, eventually expanding the Thursday Night package from eight to 13 in 2012, NFLN and its president, Steve Bornstein, eventually strong-armed cable providers into biting the bullet and paying their high rates.