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Andy Reid: Kansas City Chiefs offense can get better

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Andy Reid wasn't "calling out" his offense but he did acknowledge that they have to get better down the stretch.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid views some of the KC Chiefs offensive struggles as a good thing. Well, in a way.

Speaking to Kevin Kietzmann on 810 WHB on Monday, the Chiefs head coach said that the "neat thing" about the Chiefs 9-0 record is that they haven't even tapped into everything they can do offensively.

"We've got to [get better on offense]," Reid said when asked about the offense. "There's no debate. You've gotta get better. We're young. You better get better every week. You go back and look at our first couple of games, we've made strides. We have to continue to get better as we go. You don't want to take steps back. That's the challenge there that I know everyone is up for."

Alex Smith's QB rating was actually better early in the season. His first two games had four touchdowns and no picks. He started struggling in the Titans game in Week 5 and has been up and down since.

The good thing about this Chiefs offense is that they have been better in the fourth quarter. They have been strong there, whether that's running the ball, picking up key first downs or keeping the clock rolling. Without any stats in front of me to back it up, I also feel like the Chiefs offense has been good in two-minute situations late in the first or second half when the pressure is on.

The intriguing point that Reid has made in the past is that the Chiefs are young, especially on the offensive line. In theory you'd think younger players would make the most visible progress throughout a season because they're learning so many things. So I'm hoping that's the case in Kansas City, and the offense is only getting better from here on out.

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