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Watch the KC Chiefs celebrate 9-0 in the post-game locker room

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Andy Reid said Happy Birthday to Tamba Hali in the post-game locker room as the Chiefs celebrated yet another win.

Tom Szczerbowski

These post-game locker rooms videos from the Kansas City Chiefs are starting to be the best thing ever. There wasn't an Andy Reid GIF-able moment in there like there has been in the past but this one was pretty entertaining.

Watch it here.

Andy Reid walked into the locker room and said, "Congratulations, baby. And how about those Chiefs?

Everyone cheers.

"It's a special day but it' s a really special day for No. 91, it's his birthday," Reid said.

"Hey man, we have the greatest coach in the game," Tamba Hali said, walking up to the center of the room.

Everyone cheers again.

"That's all you need to say!" Reid said.

That's a 9-0 locker room.

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