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Chiefs' Andy Reid on Sean Smith's TD: 'At that point, we needed that score'

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KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media after the Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills, 23-13. on Sunday in Buffalo. Read on for a few quotes from Reid.

Andy Reid was a happy man on Sunday after the Chiefs beat the Bills. Following the game he spoke with reporters, which you can see right here.

A few highlights of what he had to say.....

  • "We rallied in the fourth quarter and did some things that were better than what we did earlier." The Chiefs always look their best in the fourth quarter.
  • "The two [defensive] touchdowns were very important. It was a great interception for a long haul there and we did a nice job there. Then we had the fumble recovery, which was great." People are looking at the Chiefs two defensive touchdowns as if they're a negative on the offense. I look at it as a great thing. Good teams find ways to win and make people find new ways to explain their success.
  • "Dustin [Colquitt], that last punt that he had, to put it down at the 2 or 1-yard line, was phenomenal. [Ron] Parker did a great job of downing it right there." Huge. Parker deserves a lot of props because he got under the ball and batted it into play.
  • "The 4-minute drive at the end was big." Like it always is. Another patented fourth quarter drive by the Chiefs. This also put three points on the board, putting the Chiefs up by 10 points late in the game, essentially sealing it.
  • "We were out-gained by a ton but turnovers and the score, the important things, I mentioned this before -- points scored and turnovers, either created or lost -- really that's what the game came down to." Such a true statement.
  • "At that point, we needed that score." Sean Smith's touchdown. That was THE play of the game.


And a couple of quotes from Alex Smith:

  • "Unusual game, to say the last." Very unusual.
  • "I'm thrilled our defense got two scores, especially down on the goal line stand when we had to." The Chiefs have seven non-offensive touchdowns in nine games -- four pick-sixes, Dexter McCluster's punt return TD, Marcus Cooper's special teams fumble TD and Tamba Hali's fumble return TD.

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