Homefield Advantage: A Guide to Being Loud

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From the FanPosts -Joel

This next game is huge (or uge for our Northeastern friends). With a win, we would be 1 game up on the Broncos in the AFC West and in the drivers seat for the #1 seed. Now, we don't NEED to win but screw that, I WANT to win. There have been several great articles recently about how the Chiefs can improve their play. I am hoping that our offense continues from where it left off last week and our defense gets back to form. We need all of this to win. However, I don't want to talk about the team. The team will take care of itself. I want to cover what our job is as fans: being as loud as possible at the correct times.

Now, I have only been to Arrowhead once (greatest experience ever) but I learned a lot that day and every game since then. The key isn't just being incredibly loud (though that is important), the key is WHEN to be loud. We all know how Fivehead likes to operate. He will typically play from the shotgun and gyrate while calling audibles to ensure that he has a nice, clean pocket to work from. Many of us think that as soon as he gets up to the line we should start yelling so that the linemen and receivers can't hear the audible. However, the yelling needs to start before this.

When to start

The best time to start yelling is when the players get into the huddle. We want to make it as hard as possible for the players to hear the play being called. Any little bit of miscommunication will help the defense. Plus, the longer it takes to get the play called, the more time will run off the play clock. If we as fans could make them take 5 seconds longer in the huddle then we will be setting up our defense well.

At the line

Now, we don't stop once they break the huddle. We need to continue to be loud. This will cause a few things to happen:

1) Calling audibles will be difficult. Manning will have to move up to the line and speak with each player individually to inform them of the play and use hand signals for his receivers. Again, this takes more time off the play clock.

2) Being loud will make it difficult for the center to hear Manning. This could lead to bad snaps, not snapping the ball, and so forth.

3) Because of this, Manning may have to play more under center and less from shotgun. We want this. Manning will now be closer to the line (and Poe) making A gap blitzes even better. It will also limit his ability to step up in the pocket.

How to be extra loud

Now, there really isn't a "science" to it but here are a few techniques that I have heard.

1) Beat the crap out of the seat in front of you. Yes, your seat will be hit by the person behind you, deal with it.

2) Use the program like a megaphone.

3) Bang on your Chris Sembower designed cups (if they are empty).

4) Drink lots of water so you can keep your throat hydrated.

5) YELL! Don't be a pansy. Take one for the team and lose your voice. If you are able to talk on Monday you didn't do it right.

Now, I know it will be cold on Sunday so make sure you bundle up. We need you out there for the whole game. We are the best fans in the NFL not because we go to watch the game, but because we go and try to effect the outcome of the game. The Chiefs need us (those of you that have tickets) to go and be loud.

Please add any more tips in the comments those of you that have been to multiple games.

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