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Read all these people gush over Dontari Poe

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The Kansas City Chiefs and their fans have been down and out the past couple of weeks with two consecutive losses. This article from ESPN will brighten up your day.

David Welker

David Fleming writes about Dontari Poe's rise as one of the game's best nose tackles. (Actually, Fleming calls him the best nose tackle.)

You should go read that ESPN article. Here are three quotes from the article to whet your appetite:

  • "We haven't seen a guy this dominant at this position in years." -Chiefs LB Tamba Hali
  • "After seeing stuff like that, you know the guy could go down as the greatest lineman to ever play the game." -Chiefs DE Mike DeVito
  • "Poe could be the next Vince Wilfork because of all he presents." -Broncos C Manny Ramirez
That. Is. Awesome.

Go read it here and talk about Poe's awesomeness in the comments below.