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Justin Houston's injury likely to keep him out of Chiefs-Broncos game, according to report

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The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to be without LB Justin Houston in this weekend's Chiefs-Broncos game, according to an ESPN report.

Justin Edmonds

Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to confirm this (and I doubt they will) but ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that KC Chiefs LB Justin Houston is NOT expected to play this weekend against the Denver Broncos.

This matches up with a Monday ESPN report from Chris Mortensen which stated the Chiefs were more concerned with Houston's injury than the ankle injury to LB Tamba Hali.

Andy Reid said Monday the Chiefs hoped to do an MRI on Houston but had to wait for the swelling to go down to learn more. Reporters said Houston was spotted in the Chiefs locker room with his arm in a cast.

I searched for other NFL players who have dislocated their elbow and they appeared to be multi-week injuries. So while this isn't expected to be a season-ending injury for Houston, it could sideline him for a while.

Also important to note: We're all just guessing here.

This means the Chiefs really, really need Tamba Hali vs. the Broncos on Sunday.

If Houston can't go on Sunday but Tamba can, then Frank Zombo would replace Houston. If neither can go, Zombo and Dezman Moses would fill in those spots.