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Tamba Hali and Justin Houston injury updates: This is not the worst-case scenario

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The injuries to Justin Houston and Tamba Hali do not appear to be long-term, according to an early report.

Jamie Squire

ANOTHER UPDATEHere's what Andy Reid said about Tamba and Houston on Monday.

ESPN's Adam Schefter updated the injuries to Kansas City Chiefs LBs Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. The good news here is that these both seem like short-term injuries where they may miss a week or two if they miss any time at all.

On Tamba, Schefter said on SportsCenter Monday morning: "Tamba Hali had an MRI this morning. Doesn't look like he's going to practice this week. I think there's a feeling that he will still be able to play on Sunday against the Broncos in that key game. He went down with an ankle injury yesterday. Ankles are tough to play through for hard-charging defensive linemen but we'll see how he fares this week after a week of rehab."

USA Today reported this as a mid-ankle sprain.

This is NOT a season-ending injury. Because of that, I'm happy right now. Sure, I'd love for him to play vs. Denver but the Chiefs season is now bigger than just this Broncos game. They have the playoffs to think about. Get him healthy.

On Houston, Schefter said:  "Having an MRI today. I'm told the elbow is in a cast which is going to limit his mobility if he can get out there."

USA Today reported this as a subluxed elbow.

As for Sunday's game vs. the Broncos, Schefter said, "I think the Chiefs are hoping to have one of these two players out there against the Broncos on Sunday."

Like Tamba, I'm just happy that Houston's injury looks like maybe a one-week thing, not a month or longer. I can live with that even if it means the Chiefs are short-handed against Denver.

Andy Reid is speaking at noon (Arrowhead Time) today where I am predicting he will announce Tamba and Houston as "day-to-day".