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More details on Tamba Hali's ankle injury and Justin Houston's elbow injury

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The initial details on injures to Kansas City Chiefs LBs Tamba Hali and Justin Houston are coming in.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Where we last left the story of Tamba Hali and Justin Houston's injuries suffered on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs were going to put them each through an MRI on Monday after initially diagnosing Tamba with an ankle sprain and Houston with an elbow strain. However, as expected, the details of those injuries have started to file out.

The early reports come via USA Today's Mike Garafolo. And, I gotta say, they don't sound all that bad for Tamba and Houston. At least not as bad as my worrisome, worst-case-scenario post-game thoughts made them out to be.

On Houston, Garafolo writes the injury is a subluxed elbow.

I'm sure Andy Reid will be taking it day-by-day when he speaks to the media on Monday. In fact, any takers on the bet that Andy Reid calls Houston day-to-day? The key to Houston's availability next week will be whether he practices.

On Tamba, Garafolo tweets the early diagnosis is an ankle sprain.

Well I would consider that to be a HUGE win if that's the case. There wasn't much contact on the play where Tamba was injured so I was very concerned that this was a serious injury. The Chiefs have yet to comment on this so I'm still waiting on that but I would also consider this a big win if it's not a long-term type of injury.

Keep crossing those fingers until Andy Reid updates Tamba's status on Monday but if these injuries are the result of today then I'm feeling somewhat relieved right now. I always expect the worst case.

The next steps will be to hear from Andy Reid on Monday and then see who practices on Wednesday. The Chiefs play the Broncos next weekend.