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Justin Houston and Tamba Hali injury updates coming after Monday MRIs

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The Kansas City Chiefs likely know the situation with Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, who were both injured in Sunday's loss to the San Diego Chargers, but the official word is that the Chiefs two pass rushers are going in for MRIs on Monday.

Jamie Squire

The future of the Kansas City Chiefs season lies in the hands of a couple of MRIs. The KC Chiefs lost pass rushers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston to injuries on Sunday against San Diego -- it's an ankle injury for Tamba and an elbow injury for Houston.

According to Andy Reid in his post-game press conference, both players will be headed for MRIs on Monday. That's when we should know more about the injuries to each player. Reid called them an ankle and elbow strain

Tamba's is the one that looks the more concerning in my non-medical expert opinion. His appeared to be a non-contact injury, which is what makes me so worried. It seems like it's those non-contact injuries that end up being the bad ones.

I didn't see this after the game in the locker room but the Star's Terez Paylor spotted Tamba Hali on crutches and Houston's arm in a sling.

We will be waiting and waiting -- and waiting -- for more information on these two to come out. Officially the Chiefs say the MRIs are coming on Monday but I would guess they have a pretty good idea of what's wrong with each player.

We'll see if we find out any more information before Reid speaks to the media on Monday.

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