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Chargers vs. Chiefs 2013: It's football weather in Kansas City

If you're headed out to Arrowhead for Sunday's Chargers-Chiefs game, you'll want to bundle up as it will be cold.

Prepare for the coooooold weather! Because it's coming.

This past week in Kansas City were the first few uncomfortably cold days of the year, and Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium will be no different. The weather folks are telling us that the temperatures will max out in the mid-30s today. It's 16 degrees as I write this at 5:45 a.m. And there's this from a tailgater this morning....

How will this affect the game? Probably not very much.

The cold weather affects everyone but maybe the Chargers a little bit more. They pass it more than the Chiefs and the colder it is with that ball starting to freeze, perhaps it can be harder to throw it. So if anyone has an advantage in the cold weather, I'd say it's the Chiefs defense.

Weather will be an issue in a few other games this week.


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