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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 11/23

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Good morning everyone and enjoy today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

Week 12 Preview: Chargers @ Chiefs |

A win against the Chiefs puts them back in the playoff chase when considering four of San Diego’s final five games are at Qualcomm Stadium. “We’ve got a heck of a challenge on our hands and the fact that it’s at their place even adds to that,” Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said during Wednesday’s media conference call. “We started 0-2 in the division, we’ve dug ourselves a hole, so we know what this game means – I know it means a lot for both teams – we’ve got to come play our best this weekend.”

Chargers aim to end skid vs rebounding Chiefs - Associated Press

HOMETOWN HEROS: Smith grew up in Southern California as a fan of the Chargers, and still remembers watching them lose to the 49ers in the Super Bowl after the 1994 season. "Grew up watching Stan Humphries and the Chargers play," he said. "I mean, I remember watching that very well, pulling for the Chargers at the time." He doesn't pull for the Chargers anymore, and for good reason: They've beaten Smith the only two times he's faced them.

Chiefs made right decision to pass on FG - ESPN

The Chiefs sent Succop and the field goal team on the field for the last play of the half while trailing 17-10. They weren’t certain where the ball would be spotted because of a Denver penalty on the previous play. Once they saw it would be a 64-yard attempt, they bailed. The Chiefs brought Succop and the field goal team back to the sideline and sent the offense on the field in its place.

Have opponents caught up to KC's D? - ESPN

Sutton's response to the quick passing has so far been to back off the blitz. The Chiefs sent five or more pass rushers to the quarterback on about 34 percent of opponent pass plays in the season's first seven games. They've done so on just 26 percent of passes since. "Sometimes you have to play tighter coverage, sometimes you have to go the opposite way and put more people in coverage," Sutton said. "Sometimes you just have to say, well, we're not going to get there so . . . then instead of having normal rushes or any kind of max rushes, you say we'll have limited rushes and put more people in coverage. It's just a game like that.

Give us your prediction for Chargers-Chiefs - Bolts From The Blue

In the comments below, congratulate last week's winner and try and best him this week with your predicition for Sunday's game between the Chargers and Chiefs.

The San Diego Chargers will win against the Kansas City Chiefs - Bolts From The Blue

Now, the Chiefs defense may be great against the pass, but their blitzing and aggressiveness can sometimes hurt them against the run. In fact, they've given up 100+ rushing yards in half of their games this season and 200+ rushing yards against the Bills and Eagles. This could be another big game for Mathews, who seems to gain confidence with each week.

The San Diego Chargers will lose to the Kansas City Chiefs - Bolts From The Blue

Want to know how many Top 10 defenses the San Diego Chargers have faced this season? According to PFF, the answer is 2 (Titans and Dolphins). According to FO, the answer is zero. Both sites agree, KC is far and away the best defense San Diego will have faced in 2013.

Game Preview: Chargers vs Chiefs -

Once the Chargers arrive and put their defense on the field, Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson described what Alex Smith and company will be facing. “Oh wow, multiple fronts, multiple coverages that give you a lot of exotic pressures," Pederson said. "They have good pass rushers. They can disrupt timing in the passing game and they’re pretty stout against the run, so, it’s a good test for not only our offensive line but our offense as a whole.”

Game Day Activities: Chiefs vs. Chargers -

November 24th will serve as the Chiefs “Salute to Service” game, the National Football League’s initiative to support military personnel and raise awareness for the sacrifices they make on our behalf. The Chiefs and their fans will salute the dedication, devotion and bravery of all those who have served or are currently serving in our military. Although we appreciate these men and women throughout the year, Military Appreciation Day Presented by the Veterans of Foreign Wars is dedicated to sharing that respect and support for those who selflessly serve our country.