Ask A Chargers Fan

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From the FanPosts. Welcome the readers from our Chargers blog, Bolts From The Blue. -Joel

Greetings Chief fans!

I am here to answer any Chargers related questions, please try to keep the talk civil, I am here to have a friendly conversation, not talk trash. First off, congratulations on the great start to the season. I for one love that the AFC West is actually a good division for a change.

Keys for the Chiefs to win the game? Throw at the corners and laugh and laugh as the Chargers D attempts this new thing called "tackling". They are new to it and not very good at it, and by not very good I mean hilariously awful. It is to the point where I can't even get mad anymore, I actually made this video of the Chargers trying to tackle a dolphin player to yakity sax because I could hear the song in my hear as the play happened.

Anyways, here is to an injury free game.


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