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Hello, Patriots? Please take out your frustrations on the Broncos next week

The New England Patriots lost in heart-breaking (and controversial fashion) to the Carolina Panthers last night. KC Chiefs fans are here to encourage the Patriots to take it all out on the Denver Broncos next week.

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It's been a while since we've schedule-watched, hasn't it? The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos hold the same record at 9-1. The winner of the AFC West will likely have a first round bye and play their first playoff game at home. The Chiefs, of course, gain a real big advantage when they play at home, so the status of the Broncos is just as important as the Chiefs in the coming weeks.

With that said, let's look to the Broncos next opponent -- New England. The Patriots just lost a game to the Panthers on Monday Night Football on one of those plays where the rulebook may say it's OK but anyone and everyone watching the game knows they got screwed. (Here is the play if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

So the Pats lose controversially this week. Next week, they play the Broncos.

I agree with Nick. I do not want to be playing the Patriots after they lose a game. They've lost consecutive games a couple times in the last few years so it's not unprecedented for them to lose two in a row but they just feel like a team that responds when their back is against the wall.

The Chiefs play the Chargers on Sunday. The Broncos play the Patriots on Sunday night.

This week, we are all Patriots fans.

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