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Good game Chiefs; Can I have my Broncos blog back?

Greetings, Arrowhead Pride. I'm Kyle Montgomery, lead blogger over at Mile High Report, and I won a bet.

Doug Pensinger

Greetings, Arrowhead Pride. I'm Kyle Montgomery, lead blogger over at Mile High Report.

As you probably know, Joel Thorman and I made a bet involving the results of the Broncos-Chiefs game this Sunday. The winner was to receive a front page post on the loser's blog. So, after the Broncos won 27-17, here I am ... and this place looks kind of familiar. It kind of looks like Mile High Report over the last few weeks ... full of Chiefs fans.

It was a fun, often turbulent, but ultimately rewarding experience sharing the Internet with Chiefs fans, and I want to say thanks to the vast majority of you who came in and attempted a classy exchange with Broncos fans. There were a few bad apples on both sides that tried to ruin the party, but I think the majority of folks sought a fair, albeit passionate exchange, and were rewarded with one. Next week will be interesting, but probably a little more mild, as the Chiefs and Broncos prepare to face off again.

In the meantime, good game, and I'll let these be MHR's parting words.

The Chiefs were a worthy foe. Don't let any trash-talking Broncos fans convince you otherwise. We will talk trash, just like any NFL fan - some will say we were never really threatened by you, and that we won easily - but remember that actions speak louder than words.

Here are the actions that defy those words: I read a report that the Broncos-Chiefs game Sunday night was the most expensive regular season game this season, per ticket. Even so, there were only reportedly 77 no-shows in Denver, an insanely low number that marks the second highest attendance mark in Broncos history. That speaks to the demand for tickets to this game. The game also shattered prime-time TV records, the highest marks in the Denver area in 27 years according to the Broncos' VP of PR.

If Broncos fans didn't consider the Chiefs a worthy foe, why show up? Why tune in?

I'm looking forward to Arrowhead December 1st. The Broncos were able to handle the Chiefs comfortably at home, but December in Arrowhead has been a historically nightmarish task for Denver. I wouldn't be surprised to see a much more interesting game in Week 13 - "interesting" in terms of lead changes, turnovers, and big plays.

I also will say I have no desire to see the Chiefs in the playoffs. I wouldn't say it's out of fear of the team itself; I would say it's out of fear of the historic NFL streak of playing the same team three times in one season. If the Broncos win in Arrowhead, I'll be hoping they don't see the Chiefs again until the Fall of 2014.

Take it easy Arrowhead Pride, and thanks for a memorable start to the second half of 2013's AFC West race. Don't overlook the San Diego Chargers this week.

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