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Chiefs-Broncos final score: Peyton Manning hands KC their first loss, 27-17

The Denver Broncos were the better team on Sunday Night Football as the Kansas City Chiefs dropped their first game of the season, 27-17. The Chiefs were unable to consistently create pressure on Peyton Manning and the offense, while testing the Broncos down the field, couldn't string together full drives. Read: The enemy reaction at Mile High Report | 7 more reactions to Chiefs first loss | Listen: The post-game podcast with Amateur Hour right here.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor


Chiefs 1st drive: Punt

About 80 percent of kickoffs are touchbacks in Denver. Chiefs start at their own 20-yard line.

False start before Alex Smith can get the first snap off.

Two straight incompletions lead to a Chiefs punt.

Broncos 1st drive: Field goal (3-0, Broncos)

Broncos start with good field position at the 47-yard line.

Broncos pick up a 3rd-and-5 with a short pass to Demaryius Thomas.

Sean Smith picked up a holding penalty covering Demaryius Thomas.

The Chiefs played the Broncos classic pick play to the WR very well, knocking down a third down pass.

SCORE: Matt Prater kicked a 54-yard field goal to make it 3-0, Broncos.

Chiefs 2nd drive: Punt

Alex Smith went deep to Donnie Avery but he dropped the ball. It was an excellent pass from Alex.

Alex was sacked on third down as the Chiefs punt it away.

Broncos 2nd drive: Punt

Brandon Flowers did a nice job stopping Wes Welker on third-and-7. Husain Abdullah made the initial contact to stop Welker and Flowers came in for support to stop him from reaching the first down marker. The Broncos punted.

Chiefs 3rd drive: Punt

Another three-and-out for the Chiefs.

Dustin Colquitt had a terrific punt that went out at the 3-yard line.

Broncos 3rd drive: Turnover

The Broncos converted a 3rd-and-4 on another pick play with Welker.

TURNOVER: Montee Ball fumbles the snap from Peyton and Derrick Johnson recovers.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs 4th drive: Turnover

TURNOVER: On the first play, Anthony Sherman catches a pass in the flat and fumbles it right back to the Broncos.

Broncos 4th drive: Touchdown (10-0, Broncos)

Marcus Cooper was in single coverage on Demaryius Thomas but Peyton found Thomas deep for a 69-yard play, which put the Broncos in the red zone.

SCORE: Peyton hit Julius Thomas for a 9-yard touchdown. 10-0, Broncos.


Chiefs 5th drive: Touchdown (10-7, Broncos)

Alex started throwing the ball down the field more -- a pass to Dwayne Bowe which drew a flag and a mid-range pass to Sean McGrath for a first down.

Chiefs were facing a third down but a Broncos player was flagged for taunting after saying something to Jamaal Charles.

SCORE: Alex found D-Bowe for a touchdown from the 6-yard line. Bowe pushed off but there was no penalty.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos 5th drive: Touchdown (17-7, Broncos)

Demaryius Thomas is having a big day. He had a 29-yard gain from Peyton.

Marcus Cooper had a pass interference penalty. Peyton is picking on him.

Brandon Flowers also had a pass interference call.

SCORE: Montee Ball punched it in from one yard out. Broncos lead, 17-7.

Chiefs 6th drive: Field goal (17-10, Broncos)

Chiefs get bailed out on third-and-5. Alex goes deep to Bowe but a Broncos DB was called for holding.

Jamaal picked up a 35-yard gain, hitting the second level on a run play.

Knile Davis had a nice carry pushing the Chiefs from the 20 to the 13-yard line. Then he caught a screen down to the 2-yard line. Biggest plays of his career.

SCORE: With three straight opportunities, Chiefs can NOT punch it in from the 2-yard line. KC settles for the 20-yard Ryan Succop field goal.

Broncos 6th drive: Missed FG

The Broncos started the drive with 2:55 left in the half.

The Chiefs held strong on a third down to force fourth down.

Matt Prater MISSED a 52-yard field goal, giving it to the Chiefs at the 42-yard line.

Chiefs 7th drive: Halftime

Chiefs start on their own 42-yard line.

Alex found D-Bowe open in the middle of the field for 16 yards.

Alex was sacked to push the Chiefs out of field goal range. Ugh.

Chiefs hail mary turns into an Alex run, which ends the half.



Broncos 7th drive: Punt

Chiefs force a punt after a 3rd-and-9 falls incomplete.

Chiefs 8th drive: Punt

Facing a 3rd-and-7, Alex's deep ball to Dexter McCluster is incomplete.

Broncos 8th drive: Punt

The Broncos continue running a hurry-up offense.

Houston and Poe both knock down passes as the Chiefs force a punt.

Chiefs 9th drive: Punt

Alex hit McGrath for a 21-yard gain to the Broncos 45-yard line.

Chiefs punt on 4th-and-20.

Broncos 9th drive: Punt

The Chiefs defense finally pressures Peyton Manning as an Eric Berry blitz forced an incomplete pass on third down.

Chiefs 10th drive: Punt

DMC goes nowhere on the punt return so the Chiefs start from their own 13-yard line.

Alex goes deep to Donnie Avery on first down but Rodgers-Cromartie breaks it up.

Broncos 10th drive: Touchdown (24-10, Broncos)

On third down, Peyton finds Eric Decker for 33 yards to push the ball into the red zone.

SCORE: Montee Ball scored on a running play. Broncos lead, 24-10.


Chiefs 11th drive: Punt

Alex busted off a 17-yard run when he kept it on the read option.

The Chiefs picked up multiple first downs on the drive but can't penalties end up forcing a punt.

Questionable call: The Chiefs punted on 4th-and-7 from the Broncos 41-yard line.

Broncos 11th drive: Field goal (27-10, Broncos)

Denver churns the clock, picking up first down after first down.

SCORE: The Broncos kick a FG to make it a three-score game. 27-10, Broncos.

Chiefs 12th drive: Touchdown (27-17, Broncos)

Chiefs get it back with 7:10 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Alex hit a 12-yard pass to Fasano and a 20-yard pass to Avery with a 15-yard penalty from the Broncos tacked on.

SCORE: Alex finds Fasano in the back of the end zone. The play was reviewed but Fasano's butt was in bounds in addition to his foot. 27-17, Broncos.

Broncos 12th drive: Punt

Eric Decker catches a third down pass and the refs rule it just short of the first down. Denver challenged the spot and the refs ruled that Decker reached the ball past the first down marker. First down.

The Chiefs forced a Broncos punt after that.

Chiefs 13th drive: Turnover on downs

Chiefs get the ball with 3:38 remaining. No timeouts left. Down 27-17.

Dexter McCluster had an outstanding first down reception along the sidelines.

Broncos 13th drive: Punt

Denver begins running the clock out as the Chiefs have no timeouts remaining with 2:50 left.

The Broncos punted it away.

Chiefs 14th drive: Ball game

The Chiefs hail Marys aren't enough.

FINAL SCORE: Chiefs 17 Broncos 27


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