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Kansas City Chiefs' Andy Reid interviews with ESPN and NFL Network

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KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is making the national media rounds ahead of the Chiefs-Broncos game on Sunday Night Football. Find a few notes on his NFL Network and ESPN interview which both aired on Sunday morning. Links to videos of each are below. Also, here's an interview Reid did with Mitch Holthus this week.

David Welker

NFL Network with Steve Mariucci

  • On Alex: "This gets so misconstrued in this business, but you want him to manage the offense. Yeah, he's a game manager. What quarterback who is successful isn't a game manager?"
  • Reid said his experiences and his family are the reasons he believes in second chances.
  • Are the Chiefs over-shadowed by Peyton and the Broncos? "They've got a heck of a team and he's a pretty good player."
  • Mariucci said that the Chiefs are the only team in pro sports to start 9-0 after having the league's worst record the year before. He asked Reid what that meant and Reid said it meant Mariucci had done his homework.
  • Here is a link to the video.

ESPN interview with Chris Berman

  • On the 2012 Chiefs: "They overcame a lot last year. the nucleus of this team was here last year. There were some bumps in teh road, a tragedy that took place, heart-wrenching. That brought them close together and they will never be separated from that.
  • On Alex Smith: "He has the youngest offensive line in the NFL. You'd think those guys were 10-year vets the way he treats them."
  • On the defense: "The fourth quarter, we've created the turnovers and then taken advantage of them either with scores from the defense or the offense has kicked it in in the fourth quarter. It's the craziest darn thing you'd seen."
  • On the offense vs. Broncos: "However we can score, we'll try to manufacture them. I don't really care. I'm not going for style points."

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