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Finally, someone did a KC Chiefs song Afroman-style

You like Afroman's "Colt 45" song? You like the Chiefs? You'll LOVE this song.

After that Broncos awful "Dorothy" song that everyone laughed at, we have another song themed around this Sunday's Chiefs-Broncos game. This one is Chiefs-centric, includes a shot at Pete Prisco and mentions the fact that the Chiefs are undefeated. What could be better?

Actually, it does get better.

This song by Dane Callstrom is done in the style of Afroman's Colt 45 song, instead of called "Colts 39", which is what Indy scored when they beat Denver. There would be a similar song like this for the Chiefs but they haven't lost yet (see what I did there?)...

If any of you have been in high school at some point in your like (gee, I hope most of you have), you may have listened to Afroman. Or your kids may have listened to Afroman when they were in high school. It's very catchy.

The lyrics are genius. Please give it a listen.

Fair warning: If you're offended by things like jokes about Dwayne Bowe's situation, then you probably shouldn't listen.

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