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The Chiefs fan response to that awful Broncos song called "Dorothy"

Remember that awful rap song from a Broncos fan called "Dorothy"? There is now a Chiefs response.

Earlier this week we discovered a Chiefs-Broncos rap song that was truly one of the worst things these ears have ever heard in their lives.

The song "Dorothy" was a comical music video with a girl dressed up as "Dorothy" walking around. The rapper was apparently trying to be serious. I am not a music expert and don't pretend to be but I knew this song was truly awful when they got one major fact wrong.

The Kansas City everyone talks about, including when referencing the Chiefs, is in Missouri, not Kansas. That means the the whole "Dorothy" angle -- the one entire song is based on -- is out the window. For those in Kansas City, you know that's a big difference.

The video now has 25,000 views so our post probably did him more good than bad.

Now we have a response to "Dorothy" from a Chiefs fan. You can view the Chiefs response in the video above. "Dorothy" can be seen below.

While we're here, the results of our poll on "Dorothy" can be seen below.


(H/T Nick Jacobs for pointing this song out)

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