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How are you repping the Kansas City Chiefs during Denver Broncos week?

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Show us the Chiefs gear you have in your house (or yard ... or car).

I've come across quite a few unique ways that folks are repping the Kansas City Chiefs this week, ahead of the biggest game of the year in Denver against the Broncos.

I asked on Facebook (hey, like us on Facebook) for Chiefs fans to send me pictures of how they're repping the team and Chiefs fans sent in some good ones.

Check out the photo gallery above of various ways Chiefs fans are showing their Chiefs pride.

Now, I have two questions for you:

1. What city are you in repping the Chiefs?

2. And how are you showing your Chiefs pride?

Pictures are welcome. You can send them me via email or @ArrowheadPride if you're on Twitter or here's our Facebook page if that's your thing.

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