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Peyton Manning misses Broncos practice on Wednesday

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Let the speculation begin!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Questions about Peyton Manning's health have already been a major subject of discussion as the Denver Broncos head into this Sunday's match-up against the AFC West leading Kansas City Chiefs. The questions will only continue after the star QB missed the Broncos practice on Wednesday.

Manning has been nursing a sprained ankle coming into last weekend's game against the San Diego Chargers. After taking some rough hits, Manning admitted he was sore after the game and went in for an MRI. The test revealed no new damage, and all indications point to Manning as Sunday's starter.

Just because Manning misses practice doesn't mean his playing status for Sunday is in question. In fact, it's not surprising at all for Manning to miss today and potentially more activities through the week as he tries to get as much rest as possible before facing the best pass rush in the NFL. Manning has previously missed Wednesday practicebefore and still played the following Sunday.

Still that won't keep the NFL world from wondering whether or not he will play, what else is wrong and whether or not the earlier word on his health was a smokescreen. Perhaps no one will no for sure until Sunday afternoon.

UPDATE: He'll be back.