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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 11/13

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Good morning! I didn't even try to link to all of the Bowe stories this morning. Way too many to bother with. There are some pretty interesting articles out there, and if you're one of the fans who would like to hear more positive things said about the Chiefs, be sure to watch the videos. Lots of love for the defense and running game there. Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!


Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe Arrested, Cited For Speeding, Pot Possession In Riverside from KC Star

While speaking to Bowe, the officer detected what he suspected was a strong marijuana odor coming from inside the Audi, police said.

The officer had Bowe and two passengers get out of the vehicle before seeing if his dog would react to anything in the vehicle during a check for illegal substances.

According to the police report, Bowe then stated that "they had smoked a little" marijuana while waiting at the airport.

The officer arrested Bowe after finding a black bag holding Bowe's wallet and driver's license and two containers of what the officer suspected to be marijuana.

In Big Week For Chiefs, Dwayne Bowe Drops The Ball from KC Star

And if Bowe partook, it certainly was more about bad judgment than malice.

But it still would be a dereliction of duty to allow himself to be in the public eye this way, especially after he was awarded with a $56 million contract in the offseason, and one that carries with it some hard questions:

Was he impaired while driving? If so, the notion of it being a victimless crime may have hinged only on fortune.

Is this an emerging habit, and if so, more than an occasional escape?

If it is, does it account at all for a season in which he's had a fair number of dropped passes and only 33 catches, putting him on a pace for a career-low 59 catches for a full season?

A Bigger Rivalry Than The Raiders? from The Mothership

During the ‘90s, the AFC Western Division became the most competitive in the entire NFL, with the Raiders seemingly having an edge early-on over the Broncos, the Chiefs over the Raiders, and the Broncos over the Chiefs. John Elway was Schottenheimer's nemesis at Mile High Stadium, during the last decade, while at home the Chiefs could manage no better than a .500 record against Denver.

No matter where the games were played, they were tightly contested. Fans were ravenous for wins over Denver, expecting, as it were, victories - although difficult - over the Raiders. As Raiders fortunes declined and the Broncos rose, the historic rivalry, with its roots firmly in the old AFL, clearly took second billing. Wins over Los Angeles/Oakland became common place; any win over Denver, who won two Super Bowls during this era, was celebrated in a far greater manner.

Chiefs Snap Count Observations: Jamaal Charles Carries The Load (Again) from KC Star

Receiver A.J. Jenkins did not record an offensive snap for the first time this season. He did, however, record his first snap on special teams, and it came in a rather interesting manner. He replaced Junior Hemingway as an upman on kick return and literally sprinted toward the end zone to perform a playfake with Quintin Demps. Just something to keep track of going forward.

Chiefs O-Line Raises Awareness For FDFDS from The Mothership

On Tuesday, the Chiefs Community Caring Team visited a local KFC to meet fans, sign autographs and support First Downs for Down Syndrome (FDFDS). Since 2011, the Chiefs and KFC have united in order to create more awareness for FDFDS.

FDFDS was created to raise money for Down Syndrome organizations, raise awareness of Down Syndrome and enhance the positive images of those with Down Syndrome. FDFDS is supported solely through tax-deductible contributions or participating in special events and fundraisers held throughout the year.

Chiefs Sign WR Rashad Ross To Practice Squad from The Mothership

Rashad Ross (6-0, 181), who will wear jersey #19 with the Chiefs, originally entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the Tennessee Titans on May 9, 2013. He served on the Titans practice squad, until being released on Oct. 29. Ross played collegiately at Arizona State, where he appeared in 26 games (14 starts) and caught 55 passes for 864 yards with seven touchdowns over two seasons. He added 28 kickoff returns for 779 yards with two touchdowns and was a member of the Sun Devils track and field team.

Twitter Tuesday In On Of the Best KC Sports Weeks In Too Long from KC Star

As it stands, the Chiefs have a one-game lead, though perhaps the (slightly) tougher schedule from here on out and I guess we have to play that out here:

Not counting the games against each other, the Broncos probably have the hardest assignment with a game at New England sandwiched between the Chiefs games. But other than that, they have the Titans and Chargers (on a Thursday night) at home, and the Texans (with the extra three days after the Thursday night) and Raiders on the road.

The Chiefs' toughest remaining game is the Colts at home. Other than that, they have Washington, the Raiders and Chargers on the road, and the Chargers at home.

So a split with Denver would mean the Broncos would need to outplay the Chiefs by a game the rest of the way, plus win the tiebreaker. Photo Gallery: First Downs For Down Syndrome Autograph Signing Photo Gallery: Chiefs Visit Whiteman Air Force Base Video: How We Got Here: Week 5 Video: Chiefs Kingdom: Art Program Sneak Peek Video: Mind-Blowing Stats: Hail To The Chiefs Video: Are The Kansas City Chiefs Built To Beat The Denver Broncos? Video:'NFL Fantasy Live': The McRanklin Group

Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe Arrested from ESPN

Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was arrested early Sunday by police in Riverside, Mo., for possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) and speeding.

Chiefs general manager John Dorsey said on a Kansas City radio station Tuesday that he was aware of the incident but wouldn't comment further.

For The Chiefs, Timing Of Bowe's Arrest Could Hardly Be Worse from FS Kansas City

Look: This is not a marijuana thing, or a let's debate-whether-pot-should-be-legalized thing, or a speeding thing, or even a doubling-down-on-dumb thing.

It's a trust thing.

It's not the alleged deed, or deeds.

It's the timing.

Cripes, Dwayne. The timing.

Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Arrested For Speeding, Possession Of A Controlled Substance from Sports Illustrated

In the 2013 season that has seen the Chiefs go undefeated from last year's 2-14 record, Bowe has been a relative non-factor. He has 33 receptions on 58 targets for 369 yards and two touchdowns this season. He hasn't scored a touchdown since Week 4 against the New York Giants. Still, he seems happy about his team's winning ways.

History Not On KC's Side In This Matchup from ESPN

The Kansas City Chiefs will bring the NFL's No. 1 scoring defense into Sunday night's game at the Denver Broncos, the league's highest-scoring team. Something has to give and in these matchups lately, it's always been the defense.

In the last four of these matchups, the high-scoring offense has put up at least 30 points and, more importantly, won three of the four games.

The Five Most Pressing Issues, Including The Bowe Decision, Facing The Chiefs from FS Kansas City

Dwayne Bowe has had a reputation since arriving in Kansas City as a bit of a selfish knucklehead, but it appeared that present management under John Dorsey and Andy Reid had gotten through to Bowe and convinced him to put the team first.

Well, that lasted nine games. While Bowe's arrest for speeding and marijuana possession Sunday night doesn't exactly fall under the high-crime category, it's apparent that team management didn't quite have his full attention. Especially considering how much is at stake this season and with a pivotal game coming up Sunday.

Police: Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe Admits To Smoking Pot from KCTV5

Bowe's Florida driver's license was expired. His insurance was also apparently expired. He initially said he did not have his driver's license with him, but it was found during the search. He also said his brother was involved in the placement of the marijuana among his possessions.

Chiefs Players Find Inspiration At Whiteman Air Force Base from FOX4KC

The Kansas City Chiefs visited Whiteman Air Force Base Tuesday with one message for the service men and women, and Chiefs President Mark Donovan said it best, "We unite the city, you unite the country."

With a backdrop of a B-2 Spirit, the world's elite bomber, stood 50 of Whiteman Air Force Base's finest and five defensive lineman from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chiefs Prepare For AFC West Showdown With Broncos from SBNation

One team comes in leading the league in scoring with 41.2 points per game. The other team enters with the league's best defense, averaging only 12.3 points allowed per game. Something has to give.

Of course, this is the storyline heading into the matchup between the Denver Broncosand Kansas City Chiefs, which will play out Sunday night on national television after NBC was given the rights from CBS after some NFL dealings.

Broncos Tickets Versus Chiefs Are Most Expensive NFL Tickets This Season. Up 87% Since Week One. from Forbes

Regardless of the naysayers, the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL according to the only thing that matters, their record.  As a result of their start, Chiefs tickets are up 30% since the start of the year.  The Chiefs have also become a draw on the road, and Broncos tickets this weekend are no exception.  As far as 2013-14 NFL tickets go, at an average price of $560, this weekend's game is the most expensive game of the season.

Fired-Up Chiefs Fans Preparing To Bus To Denver from FOX4KC

Most Chiefs fans are loud and proud. Tony Lupercio says he's the loudest, and perhaps, the most mobile.

Lupercio said he owns 12 season tickets for games at Arrowhead. But three years ago, he and some friends pooled their money to purchase and trick-out a Ford E-350 Econobus. Tony's sled gives a rolling shout-out to most of Kansas City's sports favorites, with decals from many of the pro and college franchises on the bus. It's become a regular sight most anywhere the Chiefs play football.

Broncos Mailbag: Peyton Manning To Brock Osweiler, What Changes At QB? from The Denver Post

Tim and Brady - two Broncos fans. Two ways to view Decker and the lack of pass interference calls. My take: In the last year or so, back judges could call pass interference on almost every play. Defensive backs are getting tired of getting burned in 7-on-7-type passing contests and are starting to become more physical.

It's kind of like the paint in an NBA game. Ever watch one of the classic games from the 1970s? It's incredible how uncontested drives were then compared to now.

The field is shrinking in the NFL too. I used to think the officials called too many pass interference penalties. I do think the officials have become more judicious and I applaud that.

I hate the pass interference or defensive holding call on third-and long because it unfairly rewards the weaker team. Within reason, I say let them play.

With Offense Clicking, Decker Excited For Next AFC West 'Chess Match' from CBS Denver

"When you look at it, especially against Kansas City who is our next opponent and has a great front line, they do a lot of things to try to disguise their rushes," Decker said. "We have to make sure we have extra guys protecting, whether it's a running back chipping in against a defensive end or tight ends staying in and helping double team with the tackle. That is the biggest thing, just let Peyton Manning have the pocket to throw the football."

How To Stop Peyton Manning from Sports On Earth

Peyton Manning may be dealing with an ankle sprain, but Manning in a wheelchair is more dangerous than backups the Chiefs have faced in the last month. If the Chiefs plan to slow the Broncos offense, remain undefeated, and silence doubters, Andy Reid and coordinator Bob Sutton need more than a gameplan. They need a blueprint.

Luckily, we drew one up for them. The following article shows just how the Chiefs defense can shut down the Broncos passing game. It uses examples taken from Chiefs game film, with a special emphasis on the best offenses the Chiefs have faced this year. It's a blueprint based on Sutton's own schemes, but it is customized to tackle the unique problems created by Peyton Manning and his receivers.

Denver Facing Problems Protecting Peyton from The Associated Press via The Topeka Capital-Journal

Adding another tight end to the mix would sideline Wes Welker. Like both Thomas and Moreno, Welker has nine touchdowns so far.

Moreover, heavy doses of "max protect" could actually lead to more hits on Manning.

"Ironically, that's the natural way to start (thinking) is to pack more in," said Del Rio, Denver's interim head coach. "But quarterbacks are actually hit more often when you pack them in. And they're hit far more often in maximum protection. In fact, one of the times he was hit Sunday was on a max protection and the tight end got beat."

NBCSN To Air New Episodes Of NFL Turning Point & Coaches Clicker Tomorrow from Broadway World

NBCSN's in-depth coverage of the 2013 NFL season continues on Wednesday night with new episodes of FNIA Coach's Clicker at 5 p.m. ET and NFL Turning Point at 11 p.m. ET...

...Leading up to the Chiefs-Broncos matchup on Sunday Night Football, FNIA Coach's Clicker will dissect the battle between QB Peyton Manning and the top offense in the NFL, and the Kansas City Chiefs defense, which has allowed the fewest points in the league. Dungy and Harrison will also examine possible X-factors in the Chiefs-Broncos SNF game, including Denver's special teams, and Kansas City's rushing attack, led by RB Jamaal Charles.

Bowe Arrest Shatters Tranquil Season from ESPN

Whether Bowe plays Sunday night against the Broncos in Denver in the biggest game of the season for the Chiefs is almost beside the point now. The last thing the Chiefs needed as they prepare for the Broncos was a distraction.

But the Chiefs have a major one on their hands. The Chiefs have excelled all season at being able to concentrate on the task at hand, but that ability will now get tested more than it ever has been since Andy Reid arrived as head coach in January.

Top Offensive Games By Team from The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - 614 yards (vs. Denver Broncos - W, 56-10 - Oct. 23, 1966) The Chiefs produced 380 yards rushing ... Bert Coan led the way with 111 yards on 13 carries and three touchdowns ... Len Dawson chipped in completing 12 of 20 passes for 215 yards